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Application for AAPG Special Publications

The following questions are what you will be asked to complete on the PDF below. This information is provided here for your review before you submit your proposal.

(to accompany the submission of a formal proposal for an AAPG Special Publication)

PDF docPDF form

  1. Project Title
  2. Principle Author/Editor and point of contact for the project

    Phone numbers
    Fax number
    E-mail address
    Mailing address

  3. Please list all co-editors’/co-authors’ names and contact information.

    Phone numbers
    Fax number
    E-mail address
    Mailing address

    Phone numbers
    Fax number
    E-mail address
    Mailing address

Estimating the Size of the Project

  1. If composed of multiple papers, how many papers do you expect to include in this volume?
  2. How many hardcopy pages do you expect the average paper to run (typical papers should not exceed 10 printed pages including figures, or about 8,000-9,000 words and 10 figures. Volumes expected to exceed 250 pages may require supplemental funding--see #16 --or may require a partially digital format).
    1. If not composed of individual papers, what is the maximum number of hardcopy pages you expect the volume to be?
  3. How many figures do you expect each paper to include (typical papers should not have more than ten figures). [ ] Color? [ ] B&W?
    1. If this is not to be a multi-authored volume, how many figures in the total volume do you expect to include? [ ] Color? [ ] B&W?
  4. What other considerations should AAPG take into account in planning this volume? (Large-page atlas format? Maps in a pocket? CD/DVD with digital figures and tables? Other?)
  5. What format are you requesting for this publication? (i.e., hardcopy/hardbound volume, hardcopy/softbound, digital/CD (may include an accompanying hardcopy pamphlet containing passages such as an abstract, Introduction, and Table of Contents), hybrid (hardcopy with a CD at the back incorporating the color figures), other.
  6. Will you consider a digital or partially digital publication if the project becomes too large to support a hardcopy volume?
  7. What type of AAPG volume are you considering (i.e., Memoir, Studies in Geology, Course Notes, Map, theme issue of the AAPG Bulletin, etc.)?
  8. Why are you choosing AAPG as your publisher?
  9. What competing volumes, covering the same topic, are presently on the market, and how does your proposed volume differ from them?
  10. What is the target audience for the volume?
  11. What is the probable size of the market for this volume (probable Minimum, Most Likely, Maximum), i.e., what size print run would you recommend to AAPG for this volume, recognizing that an average print run is on the order of 800-1,200 copies?
  12. Please provide any other information that would help the Publications Committee to assess this volume, and that might help AAPG HQ to determine the market and format and calculate a reasonable press run.
  13. AAPG cannot publish and sell books at a loss, but at the same time it is under directives not to price books expensively. If you plan to allow your authors to use extensive hardcopy color figures or if you expect a large page count, list the sources of funding that you intend to approach to help underwrite the cost of publication, and indicate how much funding you hope to obtain from each.
  14. At the current time what is your best estimate of timing to complete submission of all manuscripts for this publication?
  15. Previously copyrighted material: Please acknowledge that each author will be responsible for obtaining use-of-figure or copyright approvals for previously published material from the third-party publishers. (Initials)
  16. Reviews: Please acknowledge that you as editor for the volume are responsible for obtaining peer reviews for each paper and for nagging the reviewers to provide timely turn-arounds. (Initials)
  17. Revisions: Please acknowledge that you as editor are responsible for assuring that your authors have complied with the requested reviewer suggestions as appropriate. (Initials)
  18. Editing: Please acknowledge that AAPG can and will provide light copy-editing of the volume but cannot undertake large-scale editorial overhauls of papers. (Initials)
  19. Maintaining contact: I agree to provide monthly spreadsheet updates on the status of the project to both the contributing authors and to AAPG HQ, even if progress that month is minimal. (A spreadsheet template is available to assist you can be found at (Initials)
  20. Homework: I have read AAPG’s “Suggestions to Compilation Editors(see ) and the AAPG Special Publications proposal guidelines (see, and I appreciate the full magnitude of this undertaking. (Initials)

Additional considerations

Your proposal for publication with AAPG will not be considered accepted until the application and proposal are reviewed by the AAPG Publications Committee, and the AAPG Elected Editor has issued a signed acceptance letter. When the project is approved, you will be provided with AAPG’s style guidelines, a tracking spreadsheet and other information which will help to facilitate the publication process. AAPG Headquaters will be responsible for the selection, contracting, scheduling and payment of fees to third party contractors which deal with production of the final publication


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