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Kids and geology

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Kids in geology

K-12 Resources

for teachers and their students
Compiled through AAPG’s Youth Education Activities Committee

Earth Science Week Opportunity

October 15, 2011 - San Francisco, CA 94132

A Workshop for Teachers offered by the Northern California Geological Society.

“A Geological Walk in Downtown San Francisco: Retracing the Events of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire” Download Brochure with Registration Details

Check out the AAPG online bookstore for K-12 Resources.

New!Why Geosciences?

A PowerPoint movie created by Joanne Billingsley (wife of past AAPG president Lee Billingsley) specifically for student groups, to encourage and promote careers in the geosciences.

Hey Teachers!

pencil Check out Cool Sites for you and your students. Games and resources of all kinds for all ages.

pencil AGI K-5 GeoSource: The American Geological Institute has provided an Earth science professional development tool for K-5 teachers

pencil AAPG/AGI Visiting Geoscientist Handbook: An Educational Outreach Guide for Teachers and Geoscience Professionals

pencil Earth Science Week: Check out this year’s theme and planned activities

Maps in School project
Find out more about Maps in Schools

pencil Teacher of the Year: Learn more about the award or see who has won

pencil Take a Virtual Field Trip from inside the AAPG slide bank of presentations

pencil Check out materials from a Video tape library

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