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Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology …select "Geology"
ADNET Process Index …a directory of instrumentation, controls, automation and measurements
Advanced Reservoir Characterization and Exploration Services …Services include advising and technical support for the upstream domestic and internationa energy industry
American Oilman …non-profit website designed for the Oil and Gas professional, built and maintained by petroleum geologists.
ATEC Diversified LLC …Welding and Metal Fabrication and have experience in the fabrication and repair of oil field equipment.

Basin Research Institute - LSU …bridges the earth and life sciences and provides a single resource for all things biogeoscience related. Presents an outstanding collection of biogeoscience resources for all levels of education and interest.
Bulwark Protective Apparel …flame resistant apparel for the oil and gas Industry
Calvin Resources …an independent energy company specializing in coalbed methane.
Canadian Stratigraphic Services Ltd. …Our 35,000 American and Canadian lithological well logs comprise the largest database of geological information in North America.

Carbonates and Evaporites …provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on all aspects of carbonate and evaporites geology.
Casters & Caster Wheels …Manufacturer and distributor of casters and wheels.
Competitive Analysis Technologies …finding oil on the Internet
Concessions International, Inc. …identify upstream new venture opportunities worldwide
Correlations Company Home Page

CSIRO Petroleum …CSIRO Petroleum is a leading provider of R&D services to the petroleum industry
Derek's Oilfield Photography …Oilfield photos from Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.
Digital Velocity Survey Database …Online ordering of velocity survey data for Gulf Coast areas
Distance Calculator
Doulton Ceramic Water Purification Systems …Cartridges For Economical Absolute Micro-filtration - A Practical Alternative to Costly Throw-Away membranes.

Dow Geochemical Services, Inc. …(DGSI)
Drilling Equipment and Services Co. …equipment resource as well as databases, forums, news and many more industry focused resources. …lease, production, permit, and completion information. MAP based and fully integrated.
EasySolve Software LLC …software demos for the geoscience industry
EHS Freeware …by Donley Technology (Environment, Health and Safety tools)

Electro-Seise, Inc. …Electro-Seise is a leader in DGPS guided 3D airborne micro gravity/E surveys for subsurface hydrocarbons
The Energists
Energy Gate …brings breaking news...the events and issues behind it...what's ahead.
Energy Research Clearing House (ERCH)
Energy Resources Development …Oil and gas exploration consulting company in Pakistan.

Engnet …a valuable tool for the Engineering Industry as a Buyers Guide and source of design information.
Environmental Literacy Council …a site focusing on K-12 needs
Environmental Litigation Associates …provides litigation support and expert testimony to industry and the legal community.
Environmental Technology Centre Crude Oil Properties Database

Fossil Energy International …by U.S. Department of Energy
foumylinks …directory site containing over 900 links to geoscience and engineering sites worldwide …Fast, Free, Facts on the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. On-line searchable databases.
Geo-Help Inc. …Geo-Help is a network of geological expertise and information services available to both companies and individuals active in the Canadian oil and gas industry
GEO-Information Systems' NRIS online Oil & Gas …by University of Oklahoma.

Geocosm …reservoir quality prediction models.
GEOL_DH and KAI-2001 AutoCAD Applications …Graphical representation of geological, surveyor, mining and calculation data in 3D space. Reserve calculation. Graphic log.
GeoLytics, Inc …datasets include demographic data, cartographic files, estimates, projections and more
GEOPHYSPROGNOS …Engineering geological survey... geophysical forecast to cover emergencies, prospects, other predictions.
Geoscience, Geophysics and Geoengineering meetings …a service from Geo&Soft Int'l and PASI Geophysics.

GEOSPHERE …Geological Society of America's new geoscience research journal in electronic-only format.
Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory …catalog of over 1400 programs.
GetHLP Oil&Gas …marketplace for sourcing and engaging skills and services within the oil and gas industry.
Gibson Consulting …gravity & magnetics exploration primer
Ground Water Prospecting …more than 400 projects have been done with success

History of the Oil Industry
Houston API Chapter
IET Web Resources for Geoscientists …contains an incredible number of URLs on 37 categories of interest to geoscientists and others as well.
Institute of Environmental Technology …provides industrial environmental training, a forum for discussion and research on Houston issues.
Instituto Geologico e Mineiro de Portugal …Portuguese geological survey (bilingual)

International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) …Links to other industry site. International meetings calendar. Products catalogue. Travel Risks, Job Search, etc.
International Sample Library at Midland …oil and gas in Venezuela and oil research.
Kansas Geological Foundation Library …online digital library of geology and a library of video tapes focusing on geology.
Knowledge Finder …tries to satisfy the need for knowledge in as many topics and subtopics as possible.

Leveridge Systems Inc. …Recruitment & Consulting Services for the International Oil & Gas Industry.
Mining Technology …Mining Technology is the international protal for mining professionals.
Mosburg's Internet Oil & Gas Newsletter
Thermowell Supply: Thermowells New Zealand …Thermowell Supply, a division of Amtec Engineering Ltd New Zealand manufactures temperature instrumentation and offers thermal engineering services primarily in stainless steel fabrication for the manufacture of thermo wells for natural gas, liquid, water, fluid and heat applications.
Neftegaz.RU …information resource on oil and gas complex within Russia

Nigerian Oil and Gas Online
North Africa GeoNet …Provides a platform for information on North African geology and exploration.
Northeastern Geology and Environmental Sciences …publishes original papers related to the earth and environmental sciences of North America.
Occupational Safety Council in Los Angeles …OSCA provides safety consulting, computer based training and employee testing services.
Ocean Drilling Program …sponsored by U.S. National Science Foundation and agencies in other participating countries under the management of Joint Oceanographic Institutions.

Offshore Technology …Offshore Technology is the international protal for offshore oil and gas engineering professionals.
Oil and Gas Online
Oil Information Library …historical data focusing primarily in north central Texas, but also for the rest of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. 
Oil Online
Oil Production Links …The subsea oil industry Internet portal. Subsea equipment and company database. Industry news.

Oildesktop, Inc.
Oilfield Glossary
OilProp …shareware program to assess the core thermalphysic properties of oil and its derivatives.
Onta Fossil Fuels
P.E.D.R. (Algeria) Ltd …helpful Activities related to Data Recovery provided to North Africa E&P industry.

Paleontological Research Institute (PRI) …history, science and more about the earth's evolution. …Technical and Commercial Information for the Petroleum Industry.
Petroleum Place …provides a full range of data, applications and transaction services to support each stage of the property transaction lifecycle.
Petroleum Reserves and Resources Definitions …Easy to understand explanations and definitions for the nonpetroleum geoscientist.
Petrolog …free log analysis software.

Porfolio and Art …Convenient Carrying Tube for Maps
POSC (Petroleum Open Software Corporation)
Process Industries Portal …Online process industries news, links, forums and event calendar
PTTC (Petroleum Technology Transfer Council)

Reservoir Recovery Forum (RRF) …"Your Gateway to the Oil and Gas Industry" providing you with industry news and information, the Online Oil & Gas Directory, careers, a classifieds marketplace, and more.
Roch S.A.
RSG Technologies, Inc. …We offer CO2 dry ice blast cleaning equipment for the petroleum industry; utilizes an environmentally-safe cleaning process
Rudyard's Canadian Explorer …Review of oil and gas exploration activity within Western Canada.

SciFrame, Inc. …A complete scientific computing collaborative platform for Oil and Gas applications
Simulation Services …Provides custom risk-based simulation models that optimize business performance.
Smorgasbord of Internet Sites …for the petroleum industry. Annotated list of sites. Heavy concentration on data sources.
Southeastern Geology
Structural Geology Resources on the Web

Subsea Oil and Gas Links …the subsea oil and gas company directory
TASA Earth Exchange
Texas Raw Crude International …Real petroleum raw crude oil samples from West Texas Permian Basin.
Tips for Writing Press Releases
Tips for Writing Press Releases

Touch Briefings …a comprehensive resource for the global expro community.
USA Oilfield …Featuring vital information for the Oil & Gas Industry. We provide a quick and extensive listing of the service companies located in your area of interest.
USC Sequence Stratigraphy Web …through text, images, and short movies provides an instant understanding of the principles of sequence stratigraphy
Velocity Databank Inc. …Largest checkshot velocity database available in the US; have the GOM shelf and onshore VelCube available for license; interpret velocity data and construct VelCubes from borehole and seismic data.
Vision Exploration …high-potential Gulf Coast 2000 Exploration Program

VTV, Incorporated …Licensing, description and examples of patented Diagnostic 3D (D3D) Seismic Process particularly useful for reservoir exploration.
Web Hosting …the highest level of services; that include feature, customer support, price, popularity and reliability.
Wood Mackenzie Research and Consulting …Delivering commercial insight to the global energy, metals & mining industries.
WWW Virtual Library: Earth Sciences
WWW Virtual Library: Geophysics

x-RG Software …Excel based Well Log Analysis Shareware utilities
Zymax Isotope …use Zymax for stable isotope analysis and data interpretation

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