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Alaska Division of Oil and Gas …future leasing and licensing ops on Alask lands; existing leases; well headers; field and unit info; publications, etc.
Bureau of Oil and Gas Management (PA)
California Division of Oil & Gas
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation and Commission
Committee on Geologicial and Geotechnical Engineering …formerly the U.S. Nat'l. Comm. for Rock Mechanics, addresses scientific, technical, and public-policy issues pertaining to the engineering applications of Earth sciences.

EIA'S Specialized Natural Gas Geographic Information System
Fossil Energy International …by U.S. Department of Energy
German Geological Survey (BGR)
International Union of Geological Sciences
Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission

JOGMEC Technology & Research - English …Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) Technology and Research Center at Makuhari is the synthesis of all technical departments involved in oil and gas development
Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
Minerals Management Service
Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation
National Geodetic Survey

National Petroleum Technology Office
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Ocean Drilling Program …sponsored by U.S. National Science Foundation and agencies in other participating countries under the management of Joint Oceanographic Institutions
Office of Pipeline Safety
Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Texas Railroad Commission
U.S. General Services Administration
U.S. Geological Survey


State Geological Surveys

Geological Survey of Alabama
Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys
Arizona Geological Survey
Arkansas Geological Commission
California Division of Mines and Geology

Colorado Geological Survey
Connecticut Geological and Natural History Survey
Delaware Geological Survey
Florida Geological Survey
Hawaii Division of Water and Land Development

Illinois State Geological Survey
Indiana Geological Survey
Iowa Geological Survey Bureau/IDNR
Kansas Geological Survey
Kentucky Geological Survey

Maine Geological Survey
Maryland Geological Survey
Massachusetts State Geologist
Michigan Geological Survey Division
Minnesota Geological Survey

Mississippi Office of Geology
Missouri Division of Geology and Land Survey
Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology
Nebraska Conservation and Survey Division
Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

New Jersey Geological Survey
New York State Geological Survey
New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services
New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources
North Carolina Geological Survey

North Dakota Geological Survey
Ohio Division of Geological Survey
Oklahoma Geological Survey
Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries
Pennsylvania Geological Survey

Puerto Rico Bureau of Geology
South Carolina Geological Survey
South Dakota Geological Survey
Tennessee Division of Geology
Texas Bureau of Economic Geology

Utah Geological Survey
Vermont Geological Survey
Virginia Division of Mineral Resources
Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey

Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
Wyoming State Geological Survey

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