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Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology …select "Geology"
ADNET Process Index …a directory of instrumentation, controls, automation and measurements
Alaska Division of Oil and Gas …future leasing and licensing ops on Alask lands; existing leases; well headers; field and unit info; publications, etc.
Baseline DGSI Analytical Laboratories …data to help reduce risk, estimate reserves, and enhance oil and gas reservoir performance.
Basin Research Institute - LSU

Competitive Analysis Technologies …finding oil on the Internet
Correlations Company Home Page
CSIRO Petroleum …CSIRO Petroleum is a leading provider of R&D services to the petroleum industry
Datapages …archives of publications and science journals since 1917.
Digital Velocity Survey Database …Online ordering of velocity survey data for Gulf Coast areas

Distance Calculator …lease, production,permit, and completion information. MAP based and fully integrated.
Energy Information Administration …Short Term Energy Outlook (updated monthly)
Energy Information Administration …OPEC Fact Sheet
Energy Research Clearing House (ERCH)

Engnet …a valuable tool for the Engineering Industry as a Buyers Guide and source of design information.
EngWare - Engineering Software …One stop source for energy conversion systems
Environmental Technology Centre Crude Oil Properties Database
Envisioning Jonah …An innovative display of the power of Google Earth to represent various facets of the Jonah Gas field. Using a wide variety of public data sources, the viewer can see wells, geology, map overlays, etc., all through the free Google Earth vi ewer.

ER Viewer …A freeware for Windows operating systems which aid in viewing TIFF and other large graphic files …Fast, Free, Facts on the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. On-line searchable databases.
Frontline Energy, Inc. …Provides information on oil and gas lease auctions and sales coming up in the south United States. Provides consultation to the oil and gas industry.
GEO-Information Systems' NRIS online Oil & Gas …by University of Oklahoma
Geogiga Technology Corp. …Geogiga specializes in reseraching geophysical methods and developing data processing and interpretation software in applied geophysics. Geogiga Seismic and Geogiga RTomo are its main products. Geogiga Seismic is a shallow seismic data processing and interpretation software package, which includes Front End, Reflector, Refractor, Surface, and SF Imager. Geogiga RTomo, a resistivity tomography software, is used in electrical imaging survey.

GeoLytics, Inc …datasets include demographic data, cartographic files, estimates, projections and more
Geoscience Gateways …extensive resource for the Earth Sciences and Energy Industry; Geo-Site Repository with Searcable Database and Interactive Tools; Experienced-Based, Intuitive and Fun.
GeoSmith Digitizing...low cost digitizing solutions.
Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory …catalog of over 1400 programs.
IHS Inc. …Global provider of Critical Information: exploration, development and production data, industry activity, fiscal, legal, infrastructure, leasehold and reservoir information, and related news, reports and maps. Decision-Support Tools: Integrated energy information with technology and applications Services: Strategic, operational, research and advisory services.

Infologic, Inc …We provide data management software and visualization tools for petroleum geochemists and analytical laboratories.
International Petroleum Exploration Review …International Explortion Resources for Geoscientists: Maps, News, Petroleum Geology References, and much, much, more.
International Sample Library at Midland
Kansas Geological Foundation Library …online digital library of geology and a library of video tapes focusing on geology.
Mineralogy Database …up-to-date and complete reference to mineral data and images

Neftegaz.RU …information resource on oil and gas complex within Russia
North Africa GeoNet …Provides a platform for information on North African geology and exploration.
Northern Gas Pipelines: One-Stop-Shop …public service northern gas pipeline site links industry, government, academia and the general public.
Oil-Law Records Corp. …Largest database in Oklahoma and New Mexico for production data, well records, unitization and regulatory filings.
Oiltracers, L.L.C. …access OilRef® largest reference database (free) devoted to petroleum geochemistry literature. Updated weekly.

Ontario Oil, Gas & Salt Resources Library …a resource center for the study of the subsurface geology, petroleum, salt and underground hydrocarbon storage industries in Ontario. …Technical and Commercial Information for the Petroleum Industry.
PetroClient …Petroclient is an under developing suite of petroleum applications built on a secure client-server architecture.
Petroleum Software …designing and developing cost effective software for Windows and Linux platforms.
Petrolog …free log analysis software.

Process Industries Supplier Registry …Online process industries directory where buyers can browse and search suppliers arranged categorically across 6500 products.
Quest Offshore …Quest Offshore is a leading provider of data, news, strategic market intelligence reports, consulting and technical conferences to the offshore oil and gas industry; our niche is the subsea, deepwater and marine construction segments global ly. Quest also has maps available depicting forecasted Subsea & Floating Production activity for the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, SE Asia, and Brazil.
Satellite Imaging Corporation …Providing the oil exploration industry with high-resolution satellite imagery.
Schlumberger Oilfield Glossary …The Oilfield Glossary is an illustrated, multidisciplinary source for oilfield definitions.
SciFrame, Inc. …A complete scientific computing collaborative platform for Oil and Gas applications

Search and Discovery …online science magazine including GIS data sets, papers presented at meetings, and more."../slide_bank/armentrout_john/index.shtml
Seismic Data Links …Links to free (or cheap) seismic data sets that can be used in research and education.
USA Oilfield …Featuring vital information for the Oil & Gas Industry. We provide a quick and extensive listing of the service companies located in your area of interest.
USGS quads …Free USGS quad locator utility
WWW Virtual Library: Earth Sciences

x-RG Software …Excel based Well Log Analysis Shareware utilities.

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