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Course Proposal Review Criteria

All proposals are evaluated by AAPG's Geoscience department and the Education Committee. A response is then given to the instructor once a decision about the proposal has been made. Reviewers will be considering content, timeliness, and potential audience appeal.

Ask yourself the following questions as you read over your proposal(s) prior to submission These are the questions the committee reviewers will be asking themselves as they read over your proposal.

  1. Is this topic relevant and timely?
  2. Would this be a course you or someone you know would enjoy taking?
  3. Is the instructor reputable? Does this include both teaching experience and subject expertise and breadth? (If you have specifically taken a course under one of these instructors, or have other personal knowledge of their teaching skills, please tell us.)
  4. Is the length of the course appropriate for covering the material as noted in the proposal (too long, too short, etc.)
  5. Is the course too general, too narrow, too specialized, etc., or just about right?
  6. Is this a unique topic? Is there any overlap with existing courses?
  7. Does the content of the course match the title?
  8. For field seminars only: Are the logistical arrangements adequate?
  9. Any other general comments, suggestions, criticisms or recommendations you might have.
  10. Is this a course AAPG should be offering?

If a course is approved it most likely will be offered in the calendar year following acceptance.

Proposals should be submitted to the AAPG Education Department.

AAPG Education Department: P. O. Box 979 • Tulsa, OK 74101  • FAX: 918-560-2678

Susan Nash
AAPG Education & Professional Development Director

Debbi Boonstra
AAPG Education Coordinator


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