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Youth Education Activities Committee 2013-14

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, April 13
7:00-9:00 a.m.
Balcony M (4th Floor)

What we do ...

To serve the youth of today and to help create the geoscientists of tomorrow. The members will strive to increase the knowledge and appreciation of the geosciences among students and their teachers through identifying, vetting and recommending programs. These tasks will be accomplished by supporting the Maps in Schools Program, Bones in Schools Program, the Enhancing the Quality of Earth Science Teaching Program and other programs already vetted and approved by the Committee. Members will also work to encourage communication between AAPG members involved in K-12 outreach programs, worldwide, to help focus our efforts of time and money on best practices. Using these best practices, AAPG members will offer timely and cost-effective training courses for teachers at AAPG International, national, regional, sections and local society meetings forming alliances with national and regional teachers’ associations, where appropriate. The YEA committee will manage the Earth Science Teacher of the Year award, encouraging regions, sections and local societies to nominate candidates for the competition for the Teacher of the Year award. The Committee assists and coordinates the earth science and energy programs of national youth organizations, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and 4H.

Goals for 2013-14

  1. Members of the Committee, including Rebecca Dodge and Stef Paramoure will be involved in further developing the High School Earth Science program in Texas using the model developed by Chris Bolhius, 2013 AAPG Teacher of the Year.
  2. Further efforts will be made to develop areas of cooperation with the Geological Society of America K-12 programs.
  3. A strong effort will be made to expand the YEA outreach through AAPG Student Chapters, coordinated by Committee Member Richard Ball.

Notes from 2009-10 Meeting

Notes from the Denver meeting highlight 2008-09 accomplishments and update various programs the YEA is responsible for.

Earth Science Teacher of the Year Award

Stef Paramoure, from the Gulf Coast Region, is the recipient of this years TOTY.

Goals for 2008-2009

  1. YEA will roll out the Geoscientist's Professional Science Enrichment Handbook put together with AGI and partially funded by the AAPG Foundation (copies are going to be available for attendees of the leadership conference);
  2. Revise the website to be a useable resource for AAPG members and teachers;
  3. Build a network of past and present Teacher of the Year awardees with AAPG members to further facilitate classroom interactions;

The through going theme with all of these goals is communication. The YEA committee members are dedicated to make communication between K-12 outreach efforts of AAPG and other earth science organizations a priority. It is impossible to fully synthesize all the efforts. However, if as a committee we can divide our energies to try to be in touch with a school district, a teacher organization, the scouting efforts, the maps in schools project, the rocks in your head program, or an affiliated society then as a whole the K-12 effort will be improved.

Committee Report for 2007-08

AGI AAPG Handbook

AAPG and AGI Handbook

The image to the right is an example of the material provided in the Geoscience Professional’s Science Enrichment Handbook (CD’s are available). This document was intended to be a tool for AAPG members to use when asked to go into the K-12 Classroom. It provides suggestions, sample activities, and philosophical approach to getting young students fully engaged in the inquiry based exercises. Committee members that headed up this effort are Bob Krantz, Laura Zahm and Ann Bebow with AGI. Check it out ...

Rocks in Your Head and Maps in Schools Programs

The link between the two programs serves two purposes.

  1. To provide the Tapestry of Time Geologic Map to K-12 schools nationwide and
  2. To interface with Teacher workshops and aid geoscience based classroom materials.

The Maps in School Project has previously been supported only by GCAGS but hopes to expand to be supported by the AAPG Foundation and reach a larger geographical area. Committee members that are heading up this effort are Owen Hopkins and Denise Cox.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Significant progress has been made in recent years toward revising the Geoscience and energy related merit badge. Similar efforts are underway with the Girl Scout organization; this is the focus of committee members Joan Crockett and Nina Rach.



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