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Publications Committee


The mission of the Publications Committee is to assist the Association’s Elected Editor by soliciting important topics for publication, and assessing suitability, market appeal, and timeliness of proposals for AAPG’s Special Publications and the BULLETIN.


Timely publications are among the most valued member services. Our committee continues to better anticipate member needs by soliciting proposals for Special Publications in area of highest interest.  We also will produce publications that appeal to a wider readership. We continue to evaluate publication technology, such as CD-ROM publications and print-on-demand technology.

Efficiency of Publishing

As a service to members, and to enhance the reputation of the AAPG as a vehicle for publishing, the time for “Approved Publications” to be completed and delivered to AAPG is one year. The Publications Committee is becoming increasingly ruthless about dropping “Approved Publications” that do not show progress towards meeting their assigned deadline.

We provide prospective Authors and Compilation Editors with a tool kit of information, and planning instruments (http://www.aapg/pubs/index.cfm the lower half to the pages, under Publications Committee). We have also made the required Special Publication Proposal Guidelines much more detailed and specific so that prospective authors, the Publications Committee and AAPG HQ, have a clear understanding of how much time and money will be required to turn an idea into a Special Publication.


We always interested in recruiting energetic AAPG member to our committee who will contribute to the committee’s goals by working.  Please feel to suggest someone, or to bring them to our meeting. Guests are always welcome at our meetings.

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Special Publications — proposals for Special Publications are welcome.

Getting Started In Series … The Committee Leadership Team is working with individual authors on this new series that will provide members with a short, intelligent, and annotated collection of significant, applied papers on a specific geologic disciplines, so that geoscientists can “get started.”


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