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Most of these images were acquired during the 1991 re-photographic expedition of the Kansas Geological Survey, a celebration of its 1989 centenary. In 1923 R. C. Moore, State Geologist of Kansas, was appointed as the geologist to the 1923 USGS Birdseye expedition to topographically and geologically map the Grand Canyon with a view to finding a suitable site for a hydroelectric dam, which was never constructed. Photographs from the 1923 expedition were preserved as part of Moore's legacy to the University of Kansas. The re-photography was published by the University of Utah Press. Much of the 1991 expedition was recorded by NOVA and shown frequently on public television. Gregory Peck narrated the role of John Wesley Powell in that documentary. Additional images were acquired by Gerhard during previous climbs or raft trips in the Grand Canyon.

Text and photos by Lee C. Gerhard.
Opinions expressed in this virtual field trip are the author's.

Suggested Reading:
  • The Canyon Revisited, by Donald L. Baars and Rex C. Buchanan, 1994, University of Utah Press, 168 p.
  • Grand Canyon Geology, Edited by Stanley S. Beus and Michael Morales, 1990, New York Oxford, Oxford University Press, and Museum of Northern Arizona Press, 518 p.
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