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This slide set is an overview about AAPG. It touches on AAPG’s mission, its membership and the opportunities it provides. It is ideal for sharing with any audience and would be a great introduction or close to any presentation. Additionally you may download the “We Are AAPG” video

An Introduction to the Hunt for Oil Posted November- 2011
These slides were designed for an AAPG Visiting Geoscientis Program short course. The intended audience is upper class undergraduate students, Masters and PhD candidates in any branch of geoscience. Much of the material is basic and intended for students who do not have much prior knowledge of Petroleum Geology and/or Exploration Seismology. There are 17 slide sets and 10 possible agendas for their use. Slides and captions are provided courtesy of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and were provided by AAPG Visiting Geoscientist Fred W. Schroeder.
Geoscience Workforce for the Future: “The Great Crew Change” Posted December, 2008
A panel of executive-level experts share their observations and concerns about manpower for the oil industry in a special session at the AAPG International Convention and Exhibition in Cape Town held October 2008.
Presenter Title Materials Provided
Pete Stark
IHS (Co-chair)
Introduction to the Session Slides PDF  
Scott Tinker
Texas BEG (2008-09 AAPG President)
Workforce Observations Slides PDF  
Michael Naylor
Shell (Co-chair)
A 2020 Vision     Notes
Jatinder Peters
ONGC, India
The Great Crew Change Slides PDF Notes
Mario Carminatti
Petrobras, Brazil
A Petrobras View Slides PDF  
Rod Nelson
Developing People Slides PDF  
Christian Heine
Saudi Aramco
Presented but no materials provided
Managing Your Career as a Geoscientist Posted Sept. 22, 2008
Presented by Bob Shoup on a visit to Khon Kaen University. A great resource admonishing the audience to "Take Reponsibility: It is your career. It is your responsibility."
Global Energy: Myths, Realities and Paradoxes Posted: July 31, 2008
Answering the continuing questions about oil prices and the curret energy situation inspired Scott Tinker, AAPG President 2008-09, to generate this "Top 10 List" of the myths and realities about energy. Global Energy: Myths, Realities and Paradoxes was presented in July, 2008 at the Rocky Mountain Section and COGA meeting held in Denver, Colorado.
Geoscience Careers Updated: Sept. 22, 2008
The following Slide presentation on Geoscience Careers was prepared by Chuck Caughey, Chair of the AAPG Visiting Geoscientist Program Committee, for use by Visiting Geoscientists on campus visits. Visiting Geoscientists may wish to add or subtract slides to personalize the presentation and adapt it to their audiences. Talking points are included.
Grand Canyon: Geology is Scenery! Posted: May 19, 2005
In 1991 Kansas Geological Survey sent an expedition to the Grand Canyon to re-photograph a 1923 visit. These slides provided, by Lee Gerhard, include that expedition and other trips Gerhard has made.
Energy Posted: April 6, 2005
These slides were provided by Will Green from talks he presents when he visits university campuses as a Visiting Geoscientist. They are compiled from data found at DOE/EIA.
Canadian Rocky Mountains Posted: October 11, 2004
A virtual field trip designed to familiarize viewers with the geology of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and the overthrust belt. Not much later, the overthrust belt in the United States became a prime exploration target. Lee Gerhard
Anatomy of a Reef Posted: September 22, 2004
A photographic virtual field trip though a classical Caribbean reef complex, photographed prior to the collapse of the ecosystem owing to coral and echinoderm disease. Clarendon Bowman (deceased) and Lee Gerhard
Geologic CO2 Sequestration and Denali Fault Earthquake Posted: August 25, 2003
The earthquake slides illustrate how the engineering of the Alaskan pipeline really works and that development of oil and gas in sensitive areas can be accomplished without damage to the environment. Larry Wickstrom, Ohio Geological Survey, Columbus, Ohio
Is There a Future for Professionals In the Petroleum Industry? Posted: August 18, 2003
Today's Students, Tomorrow's Professionals. A report presented by John Kaldi, National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, University of Adelaide, Australia
AAPG Membership Benefit Pyramid Posted: January 16, 2003
Help promote AAPG through this simply slide presentation for just about every audience.
Energy and Environment: A Partnership That Works Posted: January 14, 2003
Slides from four the speakers at this AAPG President's Conference held September 23, 2002 in Washington D.C.
Distinguished Lecture Program Slide Library Posted: November 12, 2002
The Future Need for Petroleum Geoscientists Posted: May 1, 2002
presented originally by Donald W. Lewis  
Presented as a report from the Future of Earth Scientists Committee to the House of Delegates at the AAPG Annual Meeting, March 2002, Houston
The Quest for Energy: Rewarding Careers in Petroleum Exploration Posted: February 2000
presented originally by John Armentrout  
The entire slide set is 139 slides, which includes a number of slides dealing with petroleum statistics and images of the exploration process

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