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A Look Back as featured in AAPG's

Marlan Downey

Past AAPG President Marlan Downey began writing this feature column for the EXPLORER August, 2003.


January: Thesis a Good Success Marker

February: Debates Were Grand

March: Speculations Trumped Maps

April: Gussow's Work Alive, Ready for Next Steps

May: Overturning Theory Overturned

June: False Knowledge Created Discussion

July: Papers Were 'Dome-inating'

August: Authors: The More the Merrier?

September: Mentors Give Lasting Gifts

October: Someå Evolve, And Some Don’t

November: We Have Many Reasons to Be Thankful

December: Rules for Finding Oil Still Apply


January: If the Data Doesn't Fit, You Must Admit (It)

February: Flow Idea Defied Orthodoxy

March: Great Paper, Great Field Trips

April: Army Taught Basic Lessons

May: Recalling a 'Remarkable' Work

June: Patience, Persistence

July: Are We Going to Get This One Right?

August: 'A Pile' -- Not Layers -- of Leaves

September: Tell It, Just Tell It -- Briefly

October: Beware of Robot Geology

November: Discriminating Character

December: Some Simple Career Advice


August: A Bit of Wisdom for the Intelligent
Separating Truth From Nonsense

September: BULLETIN Paper Still Carries Weight

October: Recalling Geochem, Fluid Flow Advances

November: Recognizing Turbidites Was No Tall Tale

December: Review Revealed the Observer's Mind