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CO2 Statement Adopted by AAPG December 2008 David Curtiss
Join the GEO-DC Blog Community November 2008 David Curtiss
geoCVD Covers a Lot of Ground October 2008 David Curtiss
Energy Issues Action Still Pending September 2008 David Curtiss
SEC, ‘Use It or Lose It’ Tops Agenda August 2008 David Curtiss
Alliances, Coalitions Build Strength July 2008 David Curtiss
Nagging Biofuel Issues Linger June 2008 David Curtiss
It Was ‘Raining Science’ in Capitol May 2008 David Curtiss
Carbon Sequestration Rules Emerge April 2008 David Curtiss
Energy Bill and Funding Recapped March 2008 David Curtiss
GEO-DC Presence Being Felt in D.C. February 2008 David Curtiss
Curtiss Assumes Reins at GEO-DC January 2008 David Curtiss
Treating Symptoms Is Not a Cure December 2007 Don Juckett
‘CR’ Apt to Keep Things Going November 2007 Don Juckett
Contacts Made at Lawmaker Meet October 2007 Don Juckett
GEO-DC Events Have Int’l Impact September 2007 Don Juckett
GEO-DC Summer Schedule Busy August 2007 Don Juckett
Members Make Congressional Visits July 2007 Don Juckett
‘Hard Working’ Congress Eyes CCS June 2007 Don Juckett
Image Has Impact on U.S. Budget May 2007 Don Juckett
Coalition to Address Access Issues April 2007 Don Juckett
Students, Schools Aid Get Push March 2007 Don Juckett
'Realities' Create Opportunities February 2007 Don Juckett
Elections Redefining the Agenda January 2007 Don Juckett
Congress Rests, But Work Goes On December 2006 Don Juckett
OCS Offers Something to Think About November 2006 Don Juckett
Issues Call for Active Roles October 2006 Don Juckett
Access Issues Under Debate September 2006 Don Juckett
House, Senate Appropriations Committees' Recommendations August 2006 Don Juckett
Mood ‘Hostile’ In Nation’s Capitol July 2006 Don Juckett
Be Alert: Actions Are Being Taken June 2006 Don Juckett
AAPG Joins In Congress Visit Day May 2006 Don Juckett
AAPG Responds To Budget Actions April 2006 Don Juckett
Budget, Legislative Issues Loom March 2006 Don Juckett
AAPG Is Pursuing Role in Energy Act February 2006 Don Juckett
Introduction January 2006 Don Juckett