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Results Shine for New Technology December 2008 Bob Hardage
China Case: Fracture Data Integrated November 2008 J. Tinnin, J. Hallin, J. Granath, P. Stewart
China Study: Detecting Fractures October 2008 P. Stewart, J. Tinnin, J. Hallin, J. Branath
Options Exist for Surface Problems September 2008 Bob Hardage
Getting Under Surface Challenges August 2008 Bob Hardage
Is the Future of Seismic Passive? July 2008 Bob Hardage
Questions? VSP May Have Answers June 2008 Bob Hardage
When Thin is In, Enhancement Helps May 2008 S. Chopra, J.P. Castagna, Y. Xu
Finding the Value of ‘Impossible’ April 2008 Bob Hardage
'Instaneous' an Ideal Indicator March 2008 Bob Hardage
Going Super-Deep with P-P, P-SV Data February 2008 B. Hardage, M. DeAngelo, R. Remington
Rocks-Physics Theory a Help January 2008 B. Hardage, D. Sava, R. Remington, M. DeAngelo
Curvature Can Be a Map to Clarity December 2007 S. Chopra, K.J. Marfurt
Using Curvature to Map Faults, Fractures November 2007 S. Chopra, K.J. Marfurt
Was That Survey Crew Sober? October 2007 E. Alkan, B.A. Hardage
No Reflection Signal Can Be Good September 2007 Bob A. Hardage
Diving Into Gas Hydrate Systems August 2007 D. Sava, B.A. Hardage
How Can You See What’s Hidden? July 2007 Bob A. Hardage
Reflections on Class Two Reservoirs June 2007 B.A. Hardage, D. Sava
Gas Hydrate and LNG Tankers May 2007 Bob A. Hardage
Which Seismic Wave Mode is Best? April 2007 B. Hardage, D. Sava, M. DeAngelo, R. Remington
Why Do P-Wave Wipeout Zones Occur? March 2007 B. Hardage, M. DeAngelo, D. Sava
Hello, This Is Your Geophone Calling February 2007 Bob A. Hardage
Footprints in Seismic Data January 2007 S. Sahai and K. Soofi
Take Your Pick: Skeptic or Proponent December 2006 B.A. Hardage, K. Fouad, G. Winters
S-Waves and Fractured Reservoirs November 2006 B. A. Hardage, M.V. DeAngelo
S-Wave Analysis of Fracture Systems October 2006 B.A. Hardage, M.V. DeAngelo
Reflections Have a 'Tipper Point' September 2006 B.A. Hardage, R.L. Remington, P.E. Murray
P-SV Data Most Impressive Image August 2006 B.A. Hardage, P.E. Murray
Technique Improves Deep Imaging July 2006 B.A. Hardage, P.E. Murray
Seismic Imaging? Try Stratal Slicing June 2006 Hongliu Zeng
Hydrate System to be Monitored May 2006 B.A. Hardage, T. McGee
Imaging Deep Gas in Crowded Areas April 2006 B.A. Hardage, R. Remington, M. DeAngelo, K. Fouad
Technology Can Avoid the Fizzles March 2006 B.A. Hardage, M. DeAngelo, D. Sava, R. Remington
Depth Registration Has Pitfalls February 2006 B.A. Hardage, I.J. Aluka
Expanding an Elastic Definition January 2006 B.A. Hardage, I.J. Aluka
The Balance Between Geophysics and Geology in Seismic Interpretation December 2005 Alistair R. Brown
Often Wrong, But Never in Doubt November 2005 William L. Abriel
Do You Need Marine EM Methods? October 2005 Steven Constable
HRAM Data Gives Perspective September 2005 John W. Peirce
Gravity Data: Lot of Bang for Buck August 2005 G. Randy Keller
Matching to Model Can Cut Risk July 2005 U. Strecker, M. Carr, S. Knapp, M. Smith, R. Uden, G. Taylor
Multi-C Survey Cost May be Value June 2005 Chris Thompson
Something Old, Something New May 2005 Peter M. Duncan
Seismic Velocities Prove Themselves Crucial Variables April 2005 D.S. MacPherson
Pitfalls in 3-D Interpretation March 2005 Alistair R. Brown
Curvature Helps Strat Interpretation February 2005 B.S. Hart, J.A. Sagan
Don't Abuse Seismic Attributes January 2005 Hans Sheline
4-D Gives Reservoir Surveillance December 2004 David H. Johnston
Track Geology in Greater Detail November 2004 L. Denham, D. Agarwal
Essentials of 3-D Streamer Surveys October 2004 Malcolm Lansley
Design of Land 3-D Surveys September 2004 Mark Galbraith
More Amplitude Understanding August 2004 Steve Henry
Understanding Seismic Amplitudes July 2004 Steve Henry
Why Do We Need To Have Visualization? June 2004 Tracy J. Stark
Depth Reckoning Speaks Volumes May 2004 Nancy House
A Demystifying of Deconvolution April 2004 Robert E. Sheriff
Acquisition Footprint Can Confuse March 2004 Andreas Cordsen
3-D Yields Strat, Geologic Insights February 2004 Henry W. Posamentier
Whirlybird Data Have Advantage (pt. 2) December 2003 Z. Berger, D. Fortin, X. Wang
HRAM Overcoming Topography (pt. 1) November 2003 Z. Berger, D. Fortin, X. Wang
Flat Spots Are Not Always Flat October 2003 Alistair R. Brown
Where Should We Put the Drill Bit? September 2003 M.S. Purcell, S.G. Siguaw, S.G. Natali
Extra Azimuths Will Cost You (pt. 2) August 2003 Stuart Wright
Is the 3-D Survey 'Good Enough?' (pt. 1) June 2003 Stuart Wright
Stress Direction Hints at Flow May 2003 James E. Gaiser
Reservoir Cracks Tell Many Tales April 2003 James E. Gaiser
EM Techniques Show Promise March 2003 Terry W. Donze
3-D Seismic Maps Tell Tales February 2003 R. Randy Ray
ISA Method Spotted Gas Anomalies January 2003 M. Burnett, J. Castagna
Looking For Gas Chimneys And Faults December 2002 F. Aminzadeh, D. Connolly
Simple Seismic, Complex Fractures November 2002 B. Parney, P. LaPointe
Fractures Can Come Into Focus October 2002 B. Parney, P. LaPointe
Fracture Model Analysis Is Simple September 2002 S. Ahlgren, J. Holmlund, P. Griffiths, R. Smallshire
What a Relief Shade Can Be August 2002 Arthur E. Barnes
Outcrop Scans Give New View July 2002 S. Ahlgren, J. Holmlund
3-D Images Active Gas Changes June 2002 Chip Story
Spectral Decomp Applied to 3-D May 2002 K. Laughlin, P. Garossino, G. Partyka
Borehole Images Can Identify Trends April 2002 Connie Dodge Knight
Sonic Logs Need Troubleshooting March 2002 Don Burch
Log Ties Seismic to 'Ground Truth' February 2002 Don Burch
Seismic Maps Ferron Coalbed Sweetspots December 2001 William S. Lyons
High Frequency Targets New Pay November 2001 Marcus L. Countiss
Better Resolution or Coincidence? October 2001 Marcus L. Countiss
S-Waves Detect Reservoir Flow September 2001 R.D. Benson, T.L. Davis
Borehole Data: Closer to the Rocks July 2001 B. Paulsson, B. Fuller, M. Karrenbach, P. Heuermann
Is It a Subtle Fault, or Just Noise? June 2001 Alistair R. Brown
Finding Faults In a Gas Play May 2001 William C. Pearson
Precision is now the Norm for Pool Development April 2001 H. Jack Meyer
Seismic Has Its Multiple Attributes March 2001 W.E. Johnson, R.O. Louden, D.D. Lehman, D. L. Edwards
Color Reveals Seismic Message January 2001 Alistair R. Brown
Seismic Modeling Makes Waves December 2000 P. Bording, L. Lines
Finding Limits Of 3-D Seismic November 2000 Robert E. Wellborn
Putting It All Together Again (pt. 4) October 2000 J. Pindell, L. Kennan, S. Barrett
Building Quantitative Plate Kinematic Frameworks for Regional Exploration Assessments (pt. 3) August 2000 J. Pindell, L. Kennan, S. Barrett
Kinematics a Key To Unlocking Plays (pt. 2) July 2000 J. Pindell, L. Kennan, S. Barrett
Regional Plate Kinematics: Arm Waving, or Underutilized Exploration Tool? - Kinematic Analysis: The Next Step (pt. 1) June 2000 J. Pindell, L. Kennan, S. Barrett
From Static to Dynamic Interpretation of Subsurface Data -- A Change of Paradigm May 2000 D.H. Welte, B. Wygrala, T. Hantschel
A Practical Approach to Seismic Imaging of Complex Geology April 2000 M. Brzostowski, T. Jones
Additional Computed Product Utility (pt. 2) March 2000 R. J. Brewer
The Check Shot Velocity Survey: Is It Enough? (pt. 1) February 2000 R. J. Brewer
VSP -- The Link Between Geology and Geophysics January 2000 R. C. Hinds, R. Kuzmiski
Maps: It's the Basements Fault December 1999 Parker Gay
Geologic Structure of Basement, and Techniques for Mapping Basement November 1999 Parker Gay
No Happy Ending Yet to This Cautionary Tale October 1999 Paul Ware
Using 3-D Seismic to Identify Spatially Variant Fracture Orientation in the Manderson Field September 1999 David Gray
Magnetostratigraphy Adds a Temporal Dimension to Basin Analysis July 1999 James H. Reynolds
An AVO Primer June 1999 Brian Russell
Ismay Algal Mound Discovery on 3-D Data Brings New Interest to the Southern Paradox Basin, Utah May 1999 R.O. Louden, D.D. Lehman, W.E. Johnson, D.L. Edwards
Predicting Reservoir Properties from 3-D Seismic Attributes With Little Well Control -- Jurassic Smackover Formation April 1999 Bruce S. Hart
Borehole Gravity: An Old Technique With New Life? February 1999 D.A. Chapin, M.E. Ander
MT Data Throws Curves to Viewers January 1999 Karen Rae Christopherson