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Cape Town Inspired New Ideas December 2008 Rick Fritz
Online Career Center Launched November 2008 Rick Fritz
Leadership Includes ‘Giving Back’ October 2008 Rick Fritz
Olympian Schedule Set for Fall September 2008 Rick Fritz
Goal Set to Expand DL Programs August 2008 Rick Fritz
Budget Grows With New Programs July 2008 Rick Fritz
Campaign Moves to ‘Public Phase’ June 2008 Rick Fritz
Foundation Initiative Launched May 2008 Rick Fritz
Science Is At the ‘Core’ of AAPG April 2008 Rick Fritz
‘Shape up!’ It’s Meeting Season March 2008 Rick Fritz
Communication Vital on Many Levels February 2008 Rick Fritz
Workforce is a Major Concern January 2008 Rick Fritz
‘Listening’ Can Take Many Forms December 2007 Rick Fritz
PTTC Joins the AAPG Family November 2007 Rick Fritz
It Takes A Plan to Take Care of Business October 2007 Rick Fritz
Putting the Best of Science Online September 2007 Rick Fritz
Summer Begins With Discoveries August 2007 Rick Fritz
Pace Picks Up Without Pause July 2007 Rick Fritz
Politics, Science Processes Different June 2007 Rick Fritz
New Dues Regime Coming in Stages May 2007 Rick Fritz
Dissemination: It’s What We Do April 2007 Rick Fritz
Race to the Long Beach Convention March 2007 Rick Fritz
Rising Costs Put Pressure on Dues February 2007 Rick Fritz
Milestones Lay Base for Future January 2007 Rick Fritz
AAPG Looks to Grow K-12 Program December 2006 Rick Fritz
Plan Provides Road Map to Goals November 2006 Rick Fritz
Tour Gives Close Look at Region October 2006 Rick Fritz
GeoStudents Face Diverse Choices September 2006 Rick Fritz
Work Force Must Come to Forefront August 2006 Rick Fritz
It’s a Happy New Fiscal Year! July 2006 Rick Fritz
Science: A Core Value of AAPG June 2006 Rick Fritz
Legalities Can Bring Complications May 2006 Rick Fritz
Courtesy Communicates Best April 2006 Rick Fritz
Houston: All Systems Are Go March 2006 Rick Fritz
Courses Reflect New Strategic Model February 2006 Rick Fritz
Cooperative Efforts Yield Results January 2006 Rick Fritz
A Focus on Service to Membership December 2005 Rick Fritz
Plan Aims to Meet Areas of Need November 2005 Rick Fritz
Workshop Studies Goals and Tactics October 2005 Rick Fritz
Digital Fund a Naming Opportunity September 2005 Rick Fritz
Calgary Showed the 'Buzz' is Back August 2005 Rick Fritz
Sections, Regions Tap AAPG Services July 2005 Rick Fritz
Meetings Dynamics Under Study June 2005 Rick Fritz
Explanations Sometimes Needed May 2005 Rick Fritz
BULLETIN Now Primarily Digital April 2005 Rick Fritz
AAPG Responds to Tsunami Disaster March 2005 Rick Fritz
APPEX London Attracts Executives February 2005 Rick Fritz
Some New Year's Resolutions January 2005 Rick Fritz
Build a Foundation on Which to Build December 2004 Rick Fritz
Strategic Plan Sets the Bar High November 2004 Rick Fritz
AAPG Developing a Global Attitude October 2004 Rick Fritz
Putting All the Steps Together September 2004 Rick Fritz
Volunteers Receive for Giving August 2004 Rick Fritz
Strategic Plan a 'Members Plan' July 2004 Rick Fritz
There's Much Cooperation Going On June 2004 Rick Fritz
Fair Questions, Honest Answers May 2004 Rick Fritz
AAPG Begins Software Changeover April 2004 Rick Fritz
AAPG Continues to 'Dig' for Future March 2004 Rick Fritz
Opportunities Are Knocking in '04 February 2004 Rick Fritz
Ethics Inquiry Procedure Intact January 2004 Rick Fritz
Going the Extra Mile December 2003 Rick Fritz
AAPG Regions Taking Big Steps November 2003 Rick Fritz
Even Playing 'Possom' Needs a Plan October 2003 Rick Fritz
AAPG Getting 'Worldly’ As We Grow September 2003 Rick Fritz
Barcelona Stands Tall on Fall Slate August 2003 Rick Fritz
SLC: Weathering the Perfect Storm July 2003 Rick Fritz
Once It Gets Started -- Watch Out! June 2003 Rick Fritz
It’s Not Been a Mickey Mouse Year May 2003 Rick Fritz
AAPG Volunteers Take the Lead April 2003 Rick Fritz
Three ‘Don’t-Miss’ Opportunities March 2003 Rick Fritz
Giving Can Yield Many Rewards February 2003 Rick Fritz
It's a Matter of Professionalism January 2003 Rick Fritz