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September 2008

On the cover: It’s been a long time coming, but BP’s much anticipated Thunder Horse is about to become an important asset in the Gulf of Mexico – as are several other projects in both the shallow and deepwater regions of the Gulf. In fact, the Gulf’s storied history of providing energy for the country is about to get a new chapter as several projects with great potential begin to come online – a story that is a highlight of our annual Gulf Coast issue.

Photo courtesy of BP.

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President's Column:

Energy, Economy And Environment Linked Together

Director's Corner:

Olympian Schedule Set for Fall

Division Column -- DEG:

DEG Gives Value Beyond Meetings

Geophysical Corner:

Options Exist for Surface Problems

Washington Watch:

Energy Issues Action Still Pending

Regions and Sections:

Imperial Barrel Program On a Roll


Bookout Provides Additional Funding

It's never too early! The Denver 2009 web site is now open, and the call for papers continues.

Biographies and individual information for 2009-10 term AAPG officer candidates are now online.

Who knows? It’s a safe bet that carbon sequestration has a big future, but how that’s going to occur remains a gamble.

One of the largest core workshops ever to focus on a single depositional environment will be offered in Cape Town.

A large and varied program spotlights an emerging global energy power at September's GEO India 2008.

What's in a name? A movement is growing to name a new epoch in earth history, and AAPG members are at the forefront of the debate.

On the road again – AAPG’s 2008-09 Distinguished Lecture program gets off to a fast start this month with the announcement of 10 domestic speakers.

A day in the life... AAPG Distinguished Lecturer Peter Skelton takes you along on tour with his DL Diary. .

Broadcast news: The explosion of new broadband Internet sites over the past year has opened the door to a lot of niche programming based on industry topics.

When it comes to retention of valuable women geoscientists, flexibility is a key asset.

And now, the rest of the story: Production from some big-name field developments in the Gulf of Mexico is finally about to begin.

Majors, independents, deepwater, shallow plays – it all adds up to unabated success in the Gulf of Mexico.

Game changer: Shale plays like the Haynesville are keeping the onshore Gulf region active and exciting.

Watch this: Non-stop advances in visualization technology are giving geologists a front row seat for everything from initial project framing to final project review.

Primer: Why “drill it or lose it” may be the wrong approach.

Reefs created by shipwrecks and deep-sea oil rigs in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico may host more diverse sea life in deeper water than previously thought. .

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