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April 2008

On the cover: One of AAPG's most popular field trips is the Lewis & Clark Geotour: "Marias River to Gates of the Mountains, Montana," an adventure that takes place July 12-17 and offers participants whitewater float trips, canoe trips and other excursions on and around the Missouri River in a geology-oriented journey that is scientific, historical and fun. Feeling adventuresome? There's still time to get your feet wet -- contact the AAPG education department for more details.

Photo by AAPG member Denise Stone.

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President's Column:

Have You Considered Submitting a Paper?

Director's Corner:

Foundation Initiative Launched

Division Column -- EMD:

Coalbed Methane's Role Growing

Geophysical Corner:

When Thin is In, Enhancement Helps

Washington Watch:

It Was 'Raining Science' in Capitol

Regions and Sections:

Winning Teams Move On To San Antonio


Foundation Update

Want your voice to be heard? Time is running out on your chance to vote for this year's AAPG office candidates. The voting deadline is May 15.

Myth busting: Conventional wisdom may suggest that the Gulf of Mexico has seen its best days, but some geologists believe the region's best days lie ahead.

It's a mystery -- but maybe not for much longer. The Blackbeard West well, a tight hole that's been on hold since 2006, has a new operator who is excited about its future.

Let the exploration begin: Libya, a country for years off-limits to U.S. investment and operations, is finally on the menu.

Happy birthday to them! Saudi Aramco celebrates its 75th anniversary this month, and we take a look back at its creation -- an event that took place even though no one knew if Saudi Arabia had any oil potential at all.

Dr. T and the Women (no, not the movie): AAPG President-Elect Scott Tinker, speaking in Bahrain, discusses the importance of attracting women to the geoscience work force -- and how to anticipate and overcome the challenges ahead.

The Good, the Bad and the (Possibly) Ugly: An AAPG member assesses Iraq and the Middle East in terms of hydrocarbon potential, probabilities and possible consequences. additional info

Still got it: Two federal sales of offshore hydrocarbon leases in the Gulf of Mexico break records and usher in a new era of revenue sharing and royalty rates.

150 years after the modern oil industry sprang to life there, the Drake Well Museum in Titusville, Pennsylvania is getting a facelift. additional info

We look to Africa and its potential as we anticipate the announcement for the next AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa.

According to AAPG member Gene Shinn, the Marcellus shale is "a wonderful example of how nature can mimic man-made creations." However, there are some who aren't convinced that it's nature.

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