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On the cover: Looking deeper – and with more accuracy – has never been more important than it is for today’s explorationists, a point that the complexities found in our cover’s 3-D image of a salt dome in the Gulf of Mexico makes clear. Fortunately, emerging technology such as virtual source seismic is making the challenge a bit less daunting.

Image courtesy of Shell Oil.

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President's Column:

Talk with Students Is Enlightening

Director's Corner:

'Listening' Can Take Many Forms

Division Column -- DEG:

What's Next? Keeping Focus
Statement Process Was Revealing

Geophysical Corner:

Curvature Can Be a Map to Clarity

Washington Watch:

Treating Symptoms Is Not a Cure

Regions and Sections:

Plans Continue for APPEX London


Strunk to Chair Trustee Associates

For the record: The slate of AAPG officer candidates is now complete, and biographical information plus statements from all about their goals are available.

It’s official: AAPG has assumed management of activities for the PetroleumTechnology Transfer Council.

Coming to a computer near you, an instant classic: AAPG offers the Petroleum Geology eTextbook – the Association’s first “e” publication and a book that aspires to be the definitive overview of the subject.

You’ve all felt the dynamics affecting oil and gas prices last year, and now you can see for yourself just how dramatic a year it was.

Long live the King: Everyone knows about the controversial “Hubbert’s Curve,” but what do you know about the man?

E&P Innovations

How can you see what’s hidden? A good question – and virtual source seismic technology, an emerging technique that gathers data from previously unaccessible horizons, is a good answer.

Let’s get small … Because nanotechnology, the smallest technology on the planet, is providing some of the biggest news in today’s energy industry.

Diamonds are a geoscientist’s best friend? It could happen, thanks to advances in technology involving diamondoids.

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