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This just in: AAPG Assumes PTTC Management

On the cover: Call it magnificent. Call it inspiring. But mainly, call it geology – and after you realize the connection, the world is never quite the same. That’s something that these explorers probably discovered while visiting the famous Burgess Shale, on the flanks of Mount Stephen above Field, British Columbia. That’s also the mindset behind a new book that encourages the public to notice, embrace and celebrate the geology and rocks of Canada.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Miall.

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President's Column:

AAPG Begins New Journey With PTTC

Director's Corner:

PTTC Joins the AAPG Family

Division Column -- EMD:

Gas Important to Energy Economics
Beyond Oil: The Critical Role of Natural Gas

Geophysical Corner:

Using Curvature to Map Faults, Fractures

Washington Watch:

‘CR’ Apt to Keep Things Going

Regions and Sections:

Preparation Begins For Cape Town


Additions Solidify Programs

Officer candidate profiles online for membership review.

The newly appointed Global Climate Change Solutions committee is composed of members with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds.

A treasure worth millions: Oil? Gold? Not this time. We’re talking water, and we’re talking about a celebrated AAPG member who believes finding it may lead to peace in Darfur.

His brilliant career: A look at the legacy of the late Fred F. Meissner, who one month ago was named this year’s Sidney Powers medalist.

Start spreading the news: A new book seeks to make the geology of Canada a treat that the public can appreciate – and even love.

Impact statement: Everyone knows the oil and gas industry is important in Louisiana – but a new report shows that it is more than important. It’s quantifiably valuable.

Family affair: Tom Barrow was born into a family of geologists, so it’s only natural and proper that he would not only embrace that world but succeed at the very highest levels.

Report indicates the Joint Committee On Petroleum Reserves Evaluator Training (JCORET) is closer to approved training courses geoscientists and engineers concerned with reserves evaluation.

E&P Innovations

Good news, bad news? You can summarize the outlook for the international oil and gas industry in three words – and that’s not necessarily a solid choice.

Being in the black is almost always a good thing. Being a player in the booming Black Sea region can be even better.

The Western Desert of Egypt turns out to be a hot gas field. A good thing since Egypt’s demand for natural gas as an energy source is growing right along with its population.

European plays are just one of the hot topics for the joint AAPG and AAPG European Region meeting set in Athens.

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