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On the cover: A beautiful picture for a beautiful play. The Gulf of Mexico -- both onshore and, in increasingly deeper and deeper waters, offshore -- continues to be the defining story for U.S. exploration. This month’s EXPLORER, featuring our annual Gulf Coast editorial emphasis, offers a variety of stories of the region that paint a picture of challenges and success. The cover shot, incidentally, is of Apache's Tarantula Field, located at South Timbalier 308, courtesy of Apache Corp.

Photo by Apache Corp.

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President's Column:

AAPG Addressing Manpower Needs

Director's Corner:

It Takes A Plan to Take Care of Business

Division Column -- DPA:

What Does ‘Professional’ Mean?

Geophysical Corner:

Was That Survey Crew Sober?

Washington Watch:

Contacts Made at Lawmaker Meet

Regions and Sections:

Cape Town Chosen for 2008 International Conference


T-Shirt Promotes Profession

Officer candidate profiles online for membership review.

Another deadline has passed and opportunities to "challenge our myths" draw ever closer to the November AAPG / AAPG European Region Energy Conference and Exhibition in Athens, Greece.

Fred F. Meissner, a longtime professor whose work has led to new concepts and geological understandings, leads the list of AAPG award winners as this year's Sidney Powers medalist.

More to offer ... literally ... on the Barnett shale gas play in the Fort Worth Basin. It seems to just keep on giving!

Passion play: Ed Picou's long and honored career as a paleontologist was the result of hearing -- and accepting -- a special calling.

The U.S. SEC is realizing the numbers are open to interpretation when it comes to reserves estimation.

E&P Innovations

It's a small world after all: The Gulf of Mexico, challenging and enormously potent, is attracting an international slate of explorers to its deep targets.

On your mark, get ready ... Companies who bid in the recent Gulf of Mexico lease sale were focused -- with good reason.

Old data combined with modern 3-D seismic helped create an exploration success story in Corpus Christi Bay.

Touchdown! Scientists who got close and personal with the deep slope of the Gulf of Mexico scored by having an intimate view of vital chemosynthetic communities.

Everything old is new again: Louisiana's Sligo Field, discovered in the 1930s, has benefited from a modern technological makeover.

COMMENTARY: Retiree Jack Reed shares his latest look at the tectonic plate movement occurring in the Gulf of Mexico.

You see, there's this oyster lease ... A common practice of oil and gas companies in coastal Louisiana harboring some of the most productive oyster grounds in the U.S.

A technical program built on short courses, field trips, oral and poster sessions and a climate change forum is just part of the activities planned for the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies' October meeting.

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