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On the cover: For our annual Geophysical Review, two photos that capture the world of today’s seismic crews. The camels standing in a line by their cables were snapped in Algeria; the vaguely similar trucks were on duty near Bakersfield, Calif.

Photo by Global Geophysical Services

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President's Column:

'Climate' Cools With Revised Statements

Director's Corner:

Putting the Best of Science Online

Division Column -- DEG:

DEG Offers Experience and Expertise
Energy and Water Need to Mix

Geophysical Corner:

No Reflection Signal Can Be Good

Washington Watch:

GEO-DC Events Have Int'l Impact

Regions and Sections:

Field Trips Offer Geology of Greece


Gift Boosts Education Funding

Slate of 2007-08 officer candidates now includes background information.

The AAPG European Region and AAPG Energy Conference and Exhibition field trips delve into the richness of Greece and its resources.

Think again: Starting your own successful company is rarely limited to having a good idea. Entrepreneurship requires more.

Meet America’s top geologist: AAPG member Mark Myers talks about being director of the U.S. Geological Survey.

AAPG’s Distinguished Lecture program wants to cover the world with talks that are serious, challenging and, sometimes, just plain fun. Included is announcements about the Distinguished Instructor program.

Sudden impact: The Barnett Shale play is generating wealth that goes far beyond the immediate oil industry.

Just because someone else "made it" in the Barnett Shale doesn't guarantee another will have the same sort of success in this complex geologic play.

Eyes have turned to Yucca Mountain in Nevada for a geologic repository of high-level radioactive waste. It's a worldwide problem that nuclear countries are wrestling with, too.

Geophysical Review


Working for a living, big time: Geophysical crews all over the world are keeping real busy these days.

Don't feel bad if you haven't grasped the uses and benefits of geophysical tools in unconventional plays -- you're not alone. But here's something you need to know.

Seismic. Cables. You can't have one without the other, right? Not exactly. Get ready for the "cableless world" -- and realize that seismic tools of the future are having an impact now.

The considerable hype about the Canadian oil sands action just keeps escalating -- with good reason.

When is drilling for oil and finding water a good thing? If you said "never," consider the Texas geologists who discovered getting into hot water isn't always bad.

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