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On the cover: Experts predicted it would be a hot region, and they were correct – the American Rockies continue to deliver the exploration and production success stories, as this month’s EXPLORER examines with several stories. Our cover shot, capturing a perfect blend of activity in a beautiful setting, is the Koskie rig in the Paradox Basin.

Photo courtesy of Bill Barrett Corp.

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President's Column:

Long Beach Had Many Highlights

Director's Corner:

New Dues Regime Coming in Stages

Division Column -- EMD:

Price Boosts Uranium E&P
Nuclear Is Part of Energy Equation

Geophysical Corner:

Gas Hydrate and LNG Tankers

Washington Watch:

Image Has Impact on U.S. Budget

Regions and Sections:

European Region Conference

May 15 is the last day you may cast your vote for AAPG officers.

The much-debated AAPG graduated dues structure was overwhelmingly approved by the House of Delegates during their recent meeting in Long Beach.

Take a “peak” at this: Findings from a recent AAPG Hedberg Conference suggest that world oil production could reach a plateau within 13 years.

Just the facts: The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program is dedicated to advancing scientific understanding of the earth – in a non-partisan, non-political way.

Alternative energy sources are a hot topic these days. Turning chicken fat into biodiesel? And then there are tne non-alternative energy sources...confused? Maybe the future will sort it all out.

Rocky Mountain Roundup

Promise keepers: Experts predicted the Rocky Mountain region would one day be the king of the U.S. exploration hill, and fields throughout the region are living up to the potential.

Western wonderland: Southwest Wyoming has almost everything you could want in a Rocky Mountain hydrocarbon province.

Legal restrictions and red tape remain facts of life – and sources of frustration – for Rocky Mountain oil and gas explorers.

All in the family: A new film about petroleum geologists and their families sheds light on the passions – and connections – that bind them together.

2007 Annual Meeting Wrap-up

Smiles were all around, with good reason, at the recent AAPG Annual Convention in Long Beach.

Luncheon topices were diverse with DPA looking at the world's energy outlook; EMD focusing on China and India's efforts to secure energy and mineral supplies; and DEG looking deeper into challenges geologists face.

Students were thrilled learning the outcome of the Imperial Barrel Award which was introduced for this meeting.

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