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On the cover: Preserving and presenting – this view is of the Fremont Canyon Wilderness Area, which is part of California’s 37,000-acre Irvine Ranch Land Reserve, a geologic wonderland that recently became the first site in California to be designated a National Natural Landmark. Located in southern California near Los Angeles, more than 30 percent of the land is privately owned – but it will now be preserved for public visits and scientific study.

Photo by Stephen Francis

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President's Column:

'Paying It Forward' Has Dividends, Too

Director's Corner:

Dissemination: It's What We Do

Division Column -- DPA:

Professional Initiatives on Agenda; Activities Accelerating for DPA

Geophysical Corner:

Which Seismic Wave Mode is Best?

Washington Watch:

Coalition to Address Access Issues

Regions and Sections:

Conference Sparked 'Best Practices' Goals

Online balloting continues for AAPG 2007-08 officers.

November 18-21 are the new dates for the European Region Energy Conference and Exhibition to be held in Athens, Greece.

Show me the money: Salaries for U.S. petroleum geologists took another jump last year, according to the annual AAPG salary survey.

Yes, there is life beyond the Barnett. Unconventiona resource plays are sprouting up everywhere, especially in projects seeking gas or oil production from shales.

The Godfather: The Barnett Shale remains the king of the U.S. onshore, and AAPG Explorer of the Year Dan Steward – with praise to his “team” – remains the king of the play.

Try, try again – That’s the secret of the success story that is the Vernon Field, one of America’s top tight gas fields.

Patience pays off: New 3-D seismic data and the injection of CO2 have given new life to Wyoming’s 100-year-old Salt Creek Field.

The Irvine Ranch Land Reserve is named a "National Natural Lankdmark" by the National Park Service, the first such addition to the NNL in California since 1987.

Climate modeling in exploration is an idea whose time has come and gone – and may have come again.

Standardizing terminology for reserves and resources classifications should help break down language barriers throughout the industry.

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