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On the cover: We start our annual Downhole Geology issue with a computer-generated graphic that shows the configuration of a permanent in-well optical seismic system as being used by BP Norway and Weatherford at the Valhall Field -- a big step forward in securing effective 4-D data, and an example of how technology is helping geoscientists find success.

Graphic courtesy of Weatherford

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President's Column:

AAPG Nomination Process Under Way

Director's Corner:

AAPG Looks to Grow K-12 Program

Division Column -- DEG:

Activites Offer Opportunities
DEG Making Plans for the Future

Geophysical Corner:

Take Your Pick: Skeptic or Proponent

Washington Watch:

Congress Rests, But Work Goes On

Regions and Sections:

Energy Libraries Are a Valuable Tool

The survey says ... AAPG members are very satisfied with their membership, according to the newest All-Member Survey.

Perth meeting declared a success with record attendance at the 2006 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition.

Exploration success? Here's a good idea: Get a concept.

Ashes, ashes, it all fell down: Is ancient volcanic ash effecting seismic readings in the Gulf of Mexico? One professor says the answer might be yes.

Improved drilling technology and higher prices have resulted in a burst of gas drilling activity on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Chevron volunteers to help students join AAPG.

International stories Let's get small: Slimhole CTD rigs are helping explorationists to save money, protect the environment and find success in a lot of Niobrara targets.

Four-D seismic operations may take a big -- and new -- step forward thanks to the successful in-well optical seismic system project at the Valhall Field.

Prime time at last: Non-invasive electromagnetic (EM) technology is becoming a key component to a lot of exploration efforts.

A close look at the Saudi Aramco oil patch reveals some pretty high tech applications being utilized.

VSP upscales: Vertical seismic profile moves beyond its roots to a new sophisticated usage in newly drilled wells

Annual meeting 2007 -- Understanding Earth Systems • Pursuing the Checkered Flag -- opening registration December.

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