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On the cover: The Lunskoye LUN-A platform, located 15 kilometers off the northeast coast of Russia’s Sakhalin Island, is a drilling and production facility that operates in 48 meters of water. The big question surrounding Sakhalin operations is no longer whether there will be success, but who will best benefit.

Photo courtesy of Sakhalin Energy Investment Co.

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Products, Services Benefit Members

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Tour Gives Close Look at Region

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DPA Will Not Go Quietly
Complacency Can Be Very Costly

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S-Wave Analysis of Fracture Systems

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Issues Call for Active Roles

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Africa Region

International storiesSakhalin oil and gas projects continue to advance, contributing to Russia’s oil and gas industry’s success. Just how much non-Russian companies will benefit from the development remains to be seen.

Western Australia not only has a pleasant environment to benjoy but the hydrocarbon potential is pretty great, too.

Too nice for its own good? New Zealand, a beautiful part of the world, may hold the potential to be a big part of the world’s oil scene. Now, if they can just spread the word …

That was then, this is now: 4-D seismic, once exotic, is becoming increasingly common – with good reason.

The big chill: Antarctica may or may not be a good place for exploration, but how do you know until you look?

Candidates' biographies, photographs and responses available for review.

AAPG returns to Australia as the International Conference and Exhibition is set Nov. 5-8 in Perth.

Nominations for the AAPG Foundation Excellence in Teaching Award are due November. It's time to elect your Teacher of the Year.

Bottoms up? Maybe – and we’re not talking about happy hour. This is about uncertainties in reservoir management.

Triumph from tragedy: AAPG members are trying to do something about the traffic death-zone known as the Corniche in Cairo, Egypt.

Book fare: AAPG’s Publication Pipeline Committee invested a lot of sweat equity in a project – its largest ever – that will bring a mountain of information to geoscience students in Bangladesh.

In other association news ...

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