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July 2006On the cover: After 9/11 geologists from the U.S. Geological Survey were given a specific and perhaps difficult mission – explore, study and assess the resource potential of Afghanistan. Their findings have turned some heads; Afghanistan promises to have plenty of potential. Finding people willing to accept the challenge of finding the oil and gas may be just as difficult as the first step.

Photos courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey; cover design by Rusty Johnson.

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Meet the 2006-07 Executive Committee.Lee T. Billingsley, vice president of exploration for Abraxas Petroleum in San Antonio, has assumed leadership of the Association’s Executive Committee as president of AAPG.

Reserves in AfghanistanHelp wanted? A recent U.S. Geological Survey resource assessment has identified surprisingly large undiscovered oil reserves in northern Afghanistan. Web exclusive

Peak oil debateApocalypse … when? Peak oil advocates and distracters continue their debate – and sometimes, the other side is irrelevant.

Sudden impact? A new center at the University of Texas at Austin is created to bring a science perspective to energy and related environmental issues.

Mexican outcrops restorationThey can see clearly now – visitors to an important Mexican outcrop, that is – thanks to a restoration-minded team of U.S. geologists that did some dirty work.

Students mapping East Java BasinStudents matter, Part I: A group of geology students from San Diego State head to Indonesia to do some high-tech mapping of the East Java Basin. Web exclusive

Students help earthquake victimsStudents matter, Part II: Several AAPG student chapters, coordinated by the group at the Universitas Gadjah Mada near Yogyakarta, Indonesia, heroically assist after the devastating Java earthquake. Web exclusive

Paleoclimate data interpretationGetting a complete picture when analyzing paleoclimate data is challenging and care to avoid generalizations is critical. Web exclusive

Vox populi: AAPG’s leadership wants the members to have a say in a proposed Public Outreach “card” that deals with climate change and global warming.

Winners for the best paper and poster presentations in April 2006 at the AAPG annual meeting announced.

Executive Committee changes the honors and awards to recognize strong leadership and service.

Advisory Council to address petition candidate process.

The study of AAPG's headquarters location is completed.

AAPG Foundation announces new chair of its Trustee Association.


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