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April 2006On the cover: It’s a new century and a new era, but Horace Greeley’s famous words still ring true for today’s U.S. exploration efforts – if you want success, go west. This month’s EXPLORER offers our first “Rocky Mountain Roundup” issue with a variety of stories that tell of the struggles, accomplishments and remaining potential that can be found throughout the region.

Cover design by Rusty Johnson; photos courtesy of Lyco Energy, Bill Barrett Corp. and Rusty Johnson.

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Officers have been selected for 2006-07 to serve with incoming President Lee Billingsley.

Members are currently voting on a constitutional amendment that would approve two vice presidents for AAPG executive committee.

What does the AAPG Explorer of the Year know that you don’t? He has two pieces of advice – and the success to back it up.

The best of times, the worst of times: Finding success in the rugged and remote West Tavaputs Plateau region of Utah was a tale of two proclivities.

Environmental concerns were a major consideration throughout the exploration and drilling activities at Wyoming’s Pinedale Field.

Could the Rocky Mountain region become the center of U.S. onshore gas production? Rutt Bridges tells Denver that prices will be the determining factor.

An oil executive speaking in the heart of the Gulf Coast has an unexpected forecast for the future king of natural gas production: the Rocky Mountains.

Industry snapshot: Experts at the recent record-setting Offshore Technology Conference share their views on what the industry and profession can expect in the immediate future.

The smiles were plentiful and broad, and with good reason. The recent AAPG Annual Convention in Houston was, by all measures, the right place and the right time for geologists to gather.

Presidential address from the Opening Session

A note from the president of the world’s largest exploration company, for all who worry that exploration efforts are too often taken for granted: That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

A world without oil? Amory Lovins tells DEG luncheon attendees it's possible and spells out how.

Peter Tertzakian explains to attendees how the world is addicted to oil.

Following “Congressional Visits Days" in April, one member shares his observations about that meeting and a follow-up with one U.S. representative.

Restructuring never easy? AAPG Foundation announces new corporate structure.

DPA Election results


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