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May 2006On the cover: A team of Canadian geoscientists, headed by University of Calgary geology professor Deborah Spratt, is studying fractures “from the micro-scale to the seismic scale to the mountain-building scale,” trying to answer an important question: Is there a unifying way to predict fractures?
Cover shot showing a research team at work on Alberta’s Moose Mountain courtesy of Spratt. Background image of fractured Mississippian carbonates in the Alberta foothills courtesy of Greg Feltham.
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Online Voting: Cast your vote for the 2006-07 AAPG officers.

Around the world: AAPG President Pete Rose met geoscientists and opened new doors of opportunity during his recent tour of the Pacific Region.

Looking for capital? There’s a new source that’s available via London: the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

All shook up: A recent earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico didn’t wreak havoc, but it did revive the discussion about possibilities for a tectonically active Gulf.

Web exclusive Women blazed a trail in geology and a forum at the Houston annual convention showcased these and contemporary women's successes.

People are talking about coal gas in Louisiana -- and the outlook is surprisingly strong. But when you talk about the potential, remember: It’s seam, not bed.

Let’s split: Fractures clearly play a critical role in enhancing deliverability of oil and gas to well bores. But is their existence random? Can their presence be predicted?

Everyone knows it’s windy ... Oilmen in Texas are adding alternative energy operations to their exploration efforts.

One AAPG member says generating energy from agricultural waste is a good way to conserve the world’s supplies of hydrocarbons.

A friend in need: Oil companies are making a big commitment in helping with the recovery of New Orleans.

Should AAPG have two vice president positions – U.S. Sections and international Regions? Members will decide.

Read about one oil and gas company that combines both science and faith in continuing to search for reserves in Israel.

Check out the new education opportunities that have been added to the AAPG calendar.

A record number of students and company sponsors participated in the recent AAPG/SEG Spring Break Student Expo at the University of Oklahoma.

An APPEX London gathering of about 300 was told there are some major, looming challenges in the ongoing high price environment.

Results of the 2006 DEG officer candidate election have been announced.


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