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April 2006The AAPG Annual Meeting returns to Houston this month, marking the 11th time the city has served as hosts for the big event. This year’s theme, “Perfecting the Search  --  Delivering on Promises” will be examined and celebrated throughout the four-day meeting, including the annual Michel T. Halbouty Lecture, which this year will be given by AAPG member and former astronaut Harrison Schmitt on “Wildcatting the Moon” (that’s him on the cover).
Photos courtesy of Western Geophysical (top left), Shell Oil (top right) and NASA.
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Online Voting: Cast your vote for the 2006-07 AAPG officers.

A special speaker has been added to the opening session of the AAPG Annual Convention in Houston  --  Peter Tertzakian, author of A Thousand Barrels a Second: The Coming Oil Break Point and Challenges Facing an Energy Dependent World.

The law of Supply and Demand is working again  --  petroleum geologists’ pay saw a 16 percent rise last year, according to  the newest EXPLORER Salary Survey.

AAPG membership numbers are stagnant while sister societies are growing. Why?

Montana high school teacher James G. “Jim” Schulz has been named the 2006 AAPG Teacher of the Year.

Controversy stirs over the fairness and reach of the MLA – who has the “say” over the data?

Honors and awardees: 39 will be recognized for past achievements.

MVP: The spirit of collaboration and teamwork resonates throughout the career of Robert Mitchum, this year’s  Sidney Powers award winner.

Peak oil: Is it coming? Is it here? Is it a myth? Several geologists have a word or two about the subject  --  and  their thoughts may surprise you.

From the Earth to the Moon, Part II? Astronaut/geologist Harrison Schmitt believes the time is right to look closely again at moon exploration.

Women in earth science are not only concerned with filling the workforce needs over the next 10 years but also with mentoring, equity and giving back to the industry.

International oil companies need to face the “trilemma” that their reserves, talent and technology are drying up.

Looking for capital? An AAPG forum in Houston is designed to provide insight into the logic of Wall Street.

How are you with business strategy? Executives will be sharing theirs at the executive business forum.

Special forums are designed to add variety and depth to the technical agenda for the 2006 Annual Convention.

Some top-notch individuals will be speaking at the luncheons planned for Houston including all-convention luncheon speaker Tim Cejka who will focus on the challenges facing the industry and future exploration efforts.

Why wait in line when you arrive at the George R. Brown Convention Center? See how you can save your energy and beat the registation rush.

The AAPG Foundation reviews some of its history with a focus on their trustees.


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