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September Explorer 2005A view of the northern Tarim Basin, along the Kuqa River by the Tianshan Mountains in western China, showing part of the foreland fold and thrust belt of the Kuqa foreland basin. The photo, looking north, shows the northern limb of the Bashijiqike Anticline; thick, dark red Paleocene-Miocene conglomerates, sandstones and mudstones in the background overlying the Lower Cretaceous Bashijiqike formation, and light pink to brown sandstones and conglomerates in the middle- and foreground. The Bashijiqike formation makes an excellent oil and gas reservoir, and the Tarim Basin was the site of significant exploration developments in 2005. See discoveries list.
Photo courtesy of K.R. McClay, editor of AAPG Memoir 82, Thrust Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Systems.

AAPG’s international outreach is reinforced as President Peter Rose meets with more than 1,000 geoscientists, students and industry leaders in a 20-day tour of Europe.

Oil price crash rememberedDo you remember the pain? Those who were active in the industry in 1986 call it, simply, the Crash. It was 20 years ago today ...

Geothermal technologyRenewable energy sources in the oil patch? It’s a power-ful idea who’s time has come.

World Developments

Big deal: Giant fields clearly are an important part of the world’s current energy situation. The challenging question is, what about tomorrow?

An overview of recent discoveries offers some positive results – but it also warns of some serious challenges.

Check out some of the major discoveries reported over the past year.

Whale Valley -- heritage siteEgypt’s historic and vital Whale Valley is now an official World Heritage Site, thanks largely to the writing of an AAPG field trip guidebook. Expanded article

Introducing Don JuckettAAPG’s GEO-DC office in Washington, D.C., is up and running – and the first 100 days proved to be eventful, indeed, for director Don Juckett.

The Geophysical Corner debuts an editor -- Bob Hardage from BEG-Austin.

Glennpool celebratedA toast! A toast to Ida Glenn No. 1 ... one hundred years ago the Ida Glenn No. 1 came in and began Oklahoma's oil legacy.

John Brooks, European Region president, shares his impressions of the tour of the European Region made with Pete Rose.

Spain trekFascinated with a symbol reminding him of his previous employer, AAPG member Hans Krause was inspired to take a pilgrimage across Spain.


President's Column: AAPG at The Crossroads
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