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September Explorer 2005Some see a majestic mountain vista; some see an amazing exposure. Best yet, some see a bridge between the worlds of academia and industry. It's the Opal Mountain Range, Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada, which exposes the Mississippian Rundle Formation imbricated in the hanging wall of the Lewis thrust. This single exposure offers examples of fault-bend, fault-propagation and detachment folds -- classes of structures described in the new AAPG Seismic Atlas (Studies in Geology # 53).
Incidentally, this site is visited in structure field trips offered by Harvard University (see http://structure.harvard.edu).
Photo by Joachim Mueller.

AAPG's officer candidates have been announced as well as two divisions -- DEG and EMD.

AAPG's GEO-DC initiative takes a big step forward with the hiring of a director for the Washington, D.C., office.

Geothermal resourcesWater, water everywhere? Geothermal waters in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin could be a new source of abundant and cheap energy.

By now everyone knows that oil companies have made a lot of money. The question is, what will they do with it?

After-math of KatrinaAfter the storm: Geologists, like everyone else in the post-Katrina world of southern Louisiana and Mississippi, are getting their lives together, making do and waiting for the day when normalcy returns.

Bridging the gap: Thanks to a new AAPG publication, the divide between industry and academia regarding the worlds of exploration and earthquake detection is overcome.

Presenter awards for Paris 2005 international meeting are announced.

Let's get small: The Department of Energy's Microhole Technology Program is intended to slash costs and reduce the environmental impact of oil and gas drilling.

There are several projects pushing microhole technology closer to commercial hands through DOE funding

You say "well" and Geoprober respond "how deep?" with this use of coil tubing drilling costs for simple deepwater, shallow microhole exploration may diminish.

Shallow water and deep gas is proving to be a winning combination for the Gulf of Mexico.

APPEX London offers "a world of opportunities" to prospectors in March, 2006.

Perth abstracts deadline is January 18.

Meet Kathy Wright, AAPG Foundation fundraising coordinator.

2007 technical program committee for the AAPG annual meeting in Long Beach, Calif. asks for suggestions.

Bob Sneider remembered.

Pres. Rose visits eight nations in Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

EMD announces technical paper awardees.


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