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September Explorer 2005Devils Tower, located in 5,610 feet of water on Mississippi Canyon Block 773, approximately 140 miles southeast of New Orleans, is an example of activity in the Gulf of Mexico, a region that continues to play a vital role in the world’s energy picture  --  and the emphasis of this month’s EXPLORER. Devils Tower is operated by Dominion Exploration & Production; the host platform is poised to accept subsea tiebacks from the Triton and Goldfinger discoveries.
Photo courtesy of Dominion Exploration and Production.

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President's Column: Reserve Estimate Training Endorsed
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Gulf Coast articles

A gift that keeps on giving: The Gulf of Mexico is not only healthy, it continues to be the star of the show for the U.S. petroleum industry.

Here today, gone tomorrow? A number of forces continue to threaten the Louisiana coastline.

Ready or not, here they come: Gulf operators face what could be a record hurricane season.Web update

Today’s lesson is very important: Science is about to lose the public debate between creationism and evolution  --  or is it? Web update

Sure, the starting salaries are great, but there may be another reason to be a geology student: Good  --  and different  --   things are happening at summer geology camps. Web update

Ten speakers have been announced for this year’s AAPG Distinguished Lecture season, with subjects that offer the world a world of variety.

Back to school: The Visiting Geologist Program is heading back to the classroom with purpose.

Energy Summit Booklet made available

Earth Science Week planned for October ... download your kit to help promote

Houston abstract deadlines are October 4

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