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August Explorer 2005No, it's not an exploration frontier, but this space-eye view of the Himalayas looking south from over the Tibetan Plateau certainly lends a global feeling to this month's International Roundup issue. The photo was taken by International Space Station crew members, and the full mosaic covers over 130 kilometers (80 miles) of the Himalayan front.
Photo courtesy of NASA.

GreenHobbsLloyd Let the race begin: Official candidate guidelines are given to ensure fairness in the AAPG election process.

Technical paper winners of the Matson, Braunstein awards were announced from the annual convention held in Calgary recently.

International Roundup

Successful exploration studyWhat makes companies successful in exploration? A global survey provides some answers.

SecurityCan loose lips still sink ships? Experts weigh in on security issues that dominate today's energy environment.

Quiz time: According to the results of a new global survey, what are the world's top 10 exploration targets? (Hint: Think north Africa ...)

Suriname BasinThe next big thing? The Suriname Basin is proving itself an appealing target for exploration efforts.

Pubs PipelineAAPG's Publication Pipeline Committee members are spreading the word -- literally -- throughout the world by getting valuable books into the hands of young geoscientists everywhere. Web update

SummerNAPELet's make a deal: Summer in Houston is about to get even hotter thanks to the Summer NAPE, a prospects and properties expo that carries the AAPG banner.

AAPG takes another step toward opening a full-time, onsite presence in Washington, D.C., with GEO-DC.

Playboy interest in abiogenic gas is more than casual.

CalgaryPlenty of smiles, people and information were spread in Calgary at AAPG 2005 Annual Convention.

Web ExclusiveWeb Exclusive: Western hospitality extended by EMD-DEG luncheon speaker as he celebrates Alberta's 100 years, its bounty of natural resources and harvest.

Thousands of geoscience students have benefited from the benevolence of Halliburton's Energy Services Group and AAPG said "thank you" in Calgary.

Committee completes project of finding a common language for the petroleum resource classification and reserve evaluations guidelines.

AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Paris, France update

Call for abstract deadline is approaching quickly for the annual meeting set in Houston April of 2006.


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