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Drilling continues on the San Andreas fault in California, where scientists already have collected "a treasure trove of information" about earthquakes for study by the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD) project -- an "intensely ambitious" part of the National Science Foundation's EarthScope program. Phase 2 began in early June, and by the end of 2007 SAFOD hopes to have instruments in place to monitor earthquake origins for the next 20 years.
Photo courtesy of Mark Zoback.

Candidates announced for 2005-06 AAPG leadership UPDATEWeb update

Quake dynamics at the San Andreas fault.Arguably the most important drilling project in the United States is targeting neither oil nor gas production. Its location: the San Andreas fault. Its intent: To reveal earthquake dynamics.

Fault seal technology boosted by higher prices.Risky business, no more: High commodity prices have triggered new and renewed enthusiasm for fault seal technology -- and operators are dusting off prospects that depend on faults as a sealing mechanism.

AAPG members and concerned scientists throughout the world are exploring the humanitarian, scientific, cultural and political ramifications of tsunamis.

Cruise theme: GOM deepwaterVolleyball? No. Science? Yes, and lots of it. A select group of geologists and other scientists are spending the summer on a cruise studying core samples from the Gulf of Mexico, courtesy of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Project. web addition

Ground Zero: The Kansas Geological Society takes a stand in the ongoing creationism/evolution controversy that continues for their state's education system.

Peter R. Rose, an Austin, Texas, independent geologist, has assumed leadership of the Association's Executive Committee as president of AAPG.

Fred Dix, AAPG's executive director for 23 years, is remembered web addition

Town Hall in Houston


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