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Peyto Lake, Alberta, in the magnificent Canadian Rockies, which will provide nearby scenic splendor and geologic allure for this year's AAPG Annual Convention.
Photo courtesy of Clinton R. Tippett.


President's Column:
Action Backed EC Initiatives
Looking Back:
False Knowledge Created Discussion
Director's Corner:
Meetings Dynamics Under Study
Division Column -- DEG:
Focus Is on Health, Safety
DEG Creates New Committees
Geophysical Corner:
Multi-C Survey Cost May be Value
Regions and Sections (formerly International Bulletin Board):
Geographical Organization Explained

Officers Elected for 2005-06

Higher and higher: Salaries in the past year rose -- for some age groups, dramatically so -- according to the annual AAPG Salary Survey.

AAPG President's testimony encourages better support for research in the U.S. Energy and Water Appropriations bill.

John GibsonDoing the right thing is a concern ethics lecturer John Gibson found throughout the world.

AAPG and SPEE respond to a call from regulators and Congress to reform how the industry estimates and reports petroleum reserves.

Sarah AndrewsThe New York Times call her books "Kafka-esque." Geologists call them entertaining. The general public calls them good. Meet AAPG member Sarah Andrews, an author who loves being a geologist.

It's been a busy year, and now the AAPG House of Delegates is poised to take action during its annual meeting.

web addition EXCLUSIVE:
Symposium examines the need and the use of 3-D seismic in the Rocky Mountain region and highlights the need for more.

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Highlights

Calgary Roundup CentreFor the first time in a long time, Calgary is in the AAPG spotlight as the site of the Annual Convention. And, based on pre-meeting registration totals, they're not the only ones who are excited.

Who's got the last laugh now? A number of companies passed on the chance to explore the Buzzard prospect in the North Sea. One didn't.

Award winners to receive recognition at the opening session.

Research excellence. Geological brilliance. And how many others have written a book that gets tagged "bible"? There are lots of reasons why Ken Glennie is this year's Sidney Powers award winner.

The answer is blowin' in the wind. The question is, what may become a big part of Canada's energy future?

AAPG 2005 International Conference and Exhibition--Paris

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