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Covenant FieldThe newest hotspot in the United States can be found in -- Utah? Believe it: The Covenant Field already is making all kinds of headlines. web addition

Wolverine's good fortune at the Covenant Field is not only good for the company -- it's a good development for the state of Utah, too.

Computer Issue

Wave Equation MigrationIt was only a matter of time -- and thanks to computers, the time has arrived for wave equation migration to make a big impact in exploration.

3-D VisualizationIt used to be a "gee whiz" extravagance, but 3-D computer visualization has grown up and become an everyday tool for virtually all areas of the petroleum business.

Making it work: AAPG's digital publishing program is providing members with a variety of ways to get the information you need now.

Review some of the behind-the-scene changes that have helped improve AAPG's Web site.

AAPG joins other professional and technical societies at OTC2005

David HowellGeology ala Sideways -- When it comes to explaining the relationship between the land and the wine in California's Napa Valley, AAPG member and author David Howell can talk the talk and walk the walk.

COMMENTARY: One AAPG member asks the question "Why is an earth science organization reviewing a work of fiction?" web addition

A new portal on the Internet: introducing GSW -- Geoscience World

Glenn PoolThe Way We Were: Oklahoma's Glenn Pool -- the state's first major oil field and the richest field the world had yet seen -- is about to celebrate a golden anniversary.

Simon WinchesterDisasters lead to globalization ... at least that's the perspective of Simon Winchester based upon his study of Krakatoa and reflecting upon the December tsunami.

April Explorer Computer

Drilling operations at the Covenant Field in Sevier County, Utah. Who knew that a giant discovery was waiting to be discovered in Utah? Conventional wisdom suggested otherwise, but that didn't stop at least one company from taking a chance -- and for them, the future looks very good. The contorted beds at the drill site are the Jurassic Arapien Shale; in the distance is the Pavant Range with faulted red and gray beds in the Tertiary Flagstaff Formation.
Photo by Tom Chidsey and Mike Laine, Utah Geological Survey.


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