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This seismic crew working in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies in Alberta is enjoying a beautiful view -- and for the seismic industry, the outlook for better times and increased activity is looking beautiful, too, thanks to a variety of factors that have triggered optimism in the oilpatch. This month's EXPLORER takes its annual look at the current state of the seismic industry, and for the first time in a long time more people than not are smiling when they talk about trends. There are still causes for concerns, of course, but technological advances continue.
Photo courtesy of Veritas DGC.

Dare to dream: A hint of optimism is sweeping through today's geophysical industry.

What's new? Full-wave seismic is positioned to become the next new thing in seismic imaging technology.

Initial presentations on new discoveries and case histories plus a showcase roundup of technological advances have helped to make Denver's 3-D Seismic Symposium a significant stop on the path to seismic success.

For whom the cycles toll: The industry's booms and busts have created a personnel shortage for the geophysical industry and that's just one of the potential problems.

Let's make a deal: For today's exploration playmakers, the good times are back, with a very nice twist.

Texas will soon require continuing education credits for geoscientists renewing their licenses.

Two remarkable vehicles are remapping the history of Mars with a geologist in the driver's seat.

NeoGeoGeneration: Yes, young professionals are looking for meaningful jobs within the geoscience field.

For the third time in six years, AAPG's Teacher of the Year hails from Southern California.

Lyman Cross sectionThe geological experiences of Benjamin Lyman in 1870 throughout the Punjab of India led to a visualization of contours on paper.

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