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Cascade Mountain in the Canadian Rockies -- a beautiful location for anyone, but an especially delicious site for geologists. And this is just one example of the geological and scenic splendor that will provide the regional setting for this year's AAPG Annual Convention, which will be held June 19-22 in Calgary. The meeting's technical program has been finalized, and the official announcement will be mailed to members beginning this month. And no, it's never too early to start making plans to be part of AAPG's first annual meeting in Canada since 1992.
Photo courtesy of Bill Ayrton.

OilInVietnamDon't look now, but if its current rate of development continues, Vietnam is on track to become a major player as an oil-producing nation.

MoneyInTheOilPatchGood Bill Hunting: You say you have a terrific prospect and all you need is the money to get the job done? Or even started? Welcome to the world of oil and gas financing.

Nothing to fear? In the past he's boldly tackled dinosaurs, doctors and other demons of a scientific nature, but now best-selling author Michael Crichton is going after his hottest topic yet: The debate over climate change.

The recent Indian Ocean tsunami disaster is still fresh in the world's psyche, and it's raised a provocative question: How are scientists to provide useful information concerning geohazards?

Wanted: Geologists who can help teach and inspire Boy Scouts in the joys of geology.

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