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Michel T. Halbouty, legendary oilman, passed away November 6 aftter seven decades of influencing the industry and AAPG.


President's Column:
Different Strokes for Different Folks
Looking Back:
Some Simple Career Advice
Director's Corner:
Build a Foundation on Which to Build
Division Column -- DEG:
Compliance Makes Good Stories
DEG a Venue to Showcase Efforts
International Bulletin Board:
Plan Now to Attend Annual and International Convention
Geophysical Corner:
4-D Gives Reservoir Surveillance
WesternGeco’s Snapper acquiring 3-D seismic data in the Beaufort Sea. Canada’s icy waters, once considered by some too harsh and too risky for exploration, are getting new looks thanks to technological advances and new understandings of the regions’ geology. Labrador is included in the group, as is the Beaufort sea.
Photo courtesy of Devon Canada.

Recent technological developments plus a new understanding of the region’s geology are making the icy and harsh waters offshore Labrador attractive.

What’s behind the Beaufort Mackenzie Basin’s current exploration renaissance? A strategy focusing on natural gas.

Hydraulic fracture monitoring using microseismic detection is a rising new star in the arena of reservoir characterization.

Flirting with disaster? Mount St. Helens, despite its capacity for destruction – or maybe, because of it – has become the celebrity attraction of nature’s wrath.

AAPG member Ed Capen remembers well the birth of the phrase “winner’s curse” – and he has more to say about the subject of bidding strategy.

With prices at or near historic high, why does the exploration segment of the industry remain relatively lethargic? Hint: Let’s look toward Wall Street.

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Cancun 2004: A scientific meeting set in a beautiful location proves to be “great success” in an unexpected way.

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2004 Fall Student Expo

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