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President's Column:
Survey Is Done, It's Time to Act
Looking Back:
Discriminating Character
Director's Corner:
Strategic Plan Sets the Bar High
Division Column -- EMD:
Field Trip Planned at Calgary Meeting: Oil Sands Tapped as Major Resource
International Bulletin Board:
Paris to Host 2005 Conference
Geophysical Corner:
Track Geology in Greater Detail
Geologists get a view of deepwater Cretaceous sandstones on the west coast of the Nuussuaq Peninsula in West Greenland on a field trip during a study session held at nearby Ilulissat. Participants at the workshop discussed methodology for a resource assessment of the Circum-Arctic as well as hearing about the hydrocarbon possibilities of the region -- especially Greenland.
Photos by T. Ahlbrandt.

The first steps have been taken in an intersociety effort to create a Certification of Petroleum Reserves Evaluators program.

So, you say you're quite the gambler? When it comes to auctions and bidding on leases for drilling, there's a reason why so many "winners" read 'em and weep.

The reel thing: AAPG member Pasquale Scaturro is at it again, this time capturing his adventure-filled journey down the Nile on film for a new commercial production.

AAPG Strategic Plan For your review -- and comments -- AAPG's Strategic Plan is unveiled.

Breakthroughs in geological understanding have transformed Canada's Arctic region from a source- limited basin to one that is rich in mature source rock.

APPEX, AAPG's annual fall prospect and property expo in Houston, kept its trend alive this year by being bigger and better than ever before.

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