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October is the month of the EXPLORER's annual Geophysical Review issue, and this month's lead story takes a look at the current state of the industry. In a nutshell, industry experts are hopeful.
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Beware of Robot Geology
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AAPG Developing a Global Attitude

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Answered Prayers -- and Promises

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Essentials of 3-D Streamer Surveys

Kenneth W. Glennie, hailed for his excellence as a "global explorationist," is this year's Sidney Powers Memorial Award winner, and he heads the list of those receiving AAPG awards.

Yes, it's been a difficult year -- but "guarded optimism" seems to be the pervasive theme today for those in the geophysical industry.

A team of geoscientists is unraveling some mysteries of the Gulf of Mexico using long offset seismic and marine gravity data to create a valuable 3-D model.

Taking it to the edge: Getting ahead of the drill bit, once a dream, is coming closer to reality thanks to a seismic measurement while drilling technique.

Why is there a disconnect between soaring commodity prices and languishing oil company stock prices?

Mexico is a country with enormous potential -- but potential is only a first step in a hard struggle for success. And in Mexico, nothing is easy.

Finding oil in the deep water? That's just the first step. What's getting increasingly important is finding quality oil.

The time has arrived for this year's AAPG International Conference and Exhibition -- and Cancun is ready for its starring role.

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