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The 59,500 metric ton semisubmersible Thunder Horse platform in August began its 60-day journey from South Korea, around Africa en route to Corpus Christi, Texas. In 2005 it will be moved to the Thunder Horse Field about 190 kilometers south of New Orleans. Both the platform and the transport vessel are the largest of their kind ever built -- appropriate, because the Thunder Horse discovery is the big reason why the deep water play now dominates Gulf activity.
Photo by Marc Morrison,
courtesy of BP America.


President's Column:
My, How Times Have Changed
Looking Back:
Tell It, Just Tell It -- Briefly
Director's Corner:
Putting All the Steps Together

Division Column -- DEG:
DEG's Issues Are Your Issues

International Bulletin Board:
AAPG Team Working Hard in Africa
Geophysical Corner:
Design of Land 3-D Surveys

The challenge of exploration isn't always about understanding what's in the ground. Sometimes, the challenge is getting enough funding to get to the ground.

Speakers are now picked and preparing for this year's AAPG Distinguished Lecture slate of talks, both in the United States and around the world.

AAPG's Visiting Geologist Program is ready for a new school year.

Rocky Mountain high? Colorado drilling permits are expected to hit a record this year as drilling techniques boost results.

Now, this is deep: A new MMS report officially establishes the deepwater regions as the big gorilla in the Gulf of Mexico.

Continued success in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico especially involving the subsalt plays -- may depend on how geologists "see" the situation.

Since Cognac was discovered in 1975 (we're talking oil fields here!) over 200 commercial fields have been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico province.

A new study of sunken vessels in the Gulf of Mexico has ramifications for the oil industry -- and it asks the question, can man-made reefs be beneficial in the deep water, too?

They see a good thing going: Louisiana officials are making an all-out effort to encourage increased oil industry activity in their state.

APPEX Success: AAPG's fourth annual Prospect and Property Expo, set this month in Houston -- is proving to be a serious place for serious buyers.

Earth sciences in the schools

APPEX Update

Cancun registration deadline approaching

AAPG talks to legislators

Introducing the VSE: Virtual Student Expo

WWW update -- DB switch brings new features

Norwegian students break ground on carbonate forum

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