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Some of the world's best geology can be found in the American West, and three of those locales provide the setting for some exciting AAPG education offerings this summer: (clockwise) the Gates of the Mountains, south of Great Falls, Mont; the Book Cliffs, north of Moab, Utah; and the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. See Spotlight on Education.
Cover photos courtesy of William Hansen (Gates of the Mountains), Thomas A. Ryer (Book Cliffs) and John Balsley (Grand Canyon).


President's Column:
Changing Along With the Times
Looking Back:
Are We Going to Get This One Right?
Director's Corner:
Strategic Plan a 'Members Plan'
Division Column -- DPA:
Ethics, Policy, Certification
DPA Dealing With Practical Issues
International Bulletin Board:
APPEX Flanks the Atlantic
Geophysical Corner:
Understanding Seismic Amplitudes

Executive Committee for 2004-05 Dallas independent Patrick J.F. Gratton has assumed the leadership of AAPG.

AAPG officer candidates and election guidelines are announced for the coming year.

APPEX -- AAPG's fourth annual Prospect and Property Expo -- is almost here, and it's a meeting that could change your life.

Here's a rich idea: Smaller companies are having success by applying new applications to old technologies.

For today's companies, successful exploration is no longer defined only in terms of money out of the ground. What counts more is value creation.

What is the role of the geologist in emerging unconventional gas plays?

Has the pendulum swung back? All-Convention speaker warned that geopolitical issues could lead to a déjà vu of the energy crises of 1973 and 1979.

A debate over use of wind power in Kansas has people -- including AAPG members -- blowing hard on both sides of the issue.

A strong academic emphasis in environmental geology dominates the findings of the latest AAPG survey of North American geoscience departments.

It's been years -- centuries? -- in the making, but now the provisions of the United Nations' Law of the Sea are about to become a reality for states and the oil industry.

Ronald Reagan's presence at Oklahoma City annual meeting was a "first."

Membership drive winner

AAPG Foundation announces new funds

Education Spotlight

International conference update

AAPG joins other societies to host IPTC

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