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Here's an adventure that's out of this world -- scientists working on a barren Canadian landscape are trying to find a way to put oil field technology to work on Mars.

The old question about reserve estimates: How much oil does the earth have? The new question: Does anyone have any idea?

Ten years old and going strong: The Auger deepwater field in the Gulf of Mexico continues to yield not just hydrocarbons, but valuable data.

The recent Central Gulf of Mexico lease sale shows there's still a lot of interest in the prolific region.

Let's start at the very beginning -- like, say, the fundamentals of science. That's an important first step, according to a popular AAPG author who gets back to the basics in a new memoir on the petrography of carbonate rocks.

Geology? "Never my plan," said geologist Peter Scholle, but then some interesting twists of fate started him on a journey that finds him as the state geologist of New Mexico.

DPA Commentary: Licensing in New York

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Update on the Membership Drive

The complex caldera at the summit of Olympus Mons on Mars, the highest known volcano in our Solar System (average elevation of 22 km; the caldera has a depth of about 3 km). For centuries, Mars has intrigued scientists -- as well as poets, writers and dreamers -- as a planet with the potential for life, and now those theories are being explored. How does this involve the oil industry?
Photo taken in January by the High Resolution Camera on ESA's Mars Express, courtesy of ESA/DLR/FU Berlin.
The inset photo shows a geoscientist -- no, not an astronaut -- working with geophones on a desolate Canadian island that looks a lot like Mars. Is seismic technology headed for Mars?
Photo courtesy of the University of Calgary.


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