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Photo by AAPG member Lisa Goggin of ChevronTexaco in New Orleans.

It's historical! Online balloting appears to be well received by AAPG's membership.

East side, West side -- the story on industry hiring opportunities depends a lot on where in the world you're standing.

The mystery deepens -- what did happen to the dinosaurs? In the Case of the Mass Extinction, the earth's geologic record is providing some new and, for some, surprising clues.

Defining moment: The debate began 10 years ago but now UNCLOS has revealed its plan and those debating the definition of the continental shelf invites your participation.

Geology without borders, part III: The prolific Trenton-Black River fairway is bringing exploration success and possibilities to Canada's Anticosti Island.

Conventional wisdom regarding basin-centered gas accumulations has sparked a geologic debate in Colorado.

There's more to attending an annual meeting than attending technical sessions. When you're visiting Texas, some fascinating and often spectacular geology is usually nearby. For example, consider El Capitán, the showcase of the Guadalupe Mountains in western Texas. Our cover photo is taken from the surface of the Salt Flat Bench, an intra-slope mini-basin formed by slope failure and filled by subsequent turbidity flows -- good examples of "sheet" style turbidite deposition in a confined basinal setting.

Embrace the Future, Celebrate the Past: It's time for the Association's 89th annual meeting, which will be held this month at the Dallas Convention Center.

Some challenging exams: Luncheon speakers look at OPEC's challenges, natural resources availability, water rights and energy needs.

Larry Funkhouser has been called "a geologist's geologist, a man of vision and imagination and a leader ... "And now he can be called a Sidney Powers Medalist.

Where are the explorers? Commodity prices are up. Profits are good. Now companies are looking at exploring again but ... who is going to do it?

Pictures say it so well so why not illustrate to the public the geologic activity that led to what they are seeing today?

What about the mistakes? Looking at some disasters may be when the deepest learning occurs.

Climate change: the debate continues in Dallas with another round of topics.

Can you "mine" all the nuts, raisins and chips from your cookie without destroying your "resources"? Just one of several creative teaching methods which earned Mike Fillipow the Earth Science Teacher of the Year honors.

Decarbonization? Just exactly how will the concept of moving from solid fuels to liquid fuels to natural gas, and eventually to hydrogen effect the world energy supply?

A Web Site Exclusive look at the forum focusing on future exploration concerns through recent discoveries.

Award winners for 2003 to be recognized during opening session of the AAPG Annual Meeting.

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