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Promising geology and creative exploration approaches are helping the prolific Trenton-Black River trend grab a lot of attention in eastern Canada. Among the hottest of the Canadian hot spots is the area around the Parson's Pond #1 well in Newfoundland. Shown here, two geoscientists standing on the E-W seismic line for the well; basement is to the east in the Long Range Mountains, overthrust onto the Ordovician carbonate platform.
Photo courtesy of Tim Bird.

Account for, well, everything! What you did, species you saw, cultures you experienced and draw maps ... 200 years ago Lewis and Clark did just that.

Cancun: Strong program set.

Student Expo: Registrations Due March 22 For Spring Student Expo

New Release: A new DVD offers a blueprint of the Pacific Rim

Geology without borders, part II: A look at Newfoundland and the exploration renaissance that's under way in eastern Canada, thanks to the prolific Trenton-Black River fairway.

Brave new world: Members will be able to utilize Internet voting in the upcoming AAPG elections.

Gas linesIt happened 30 winters ago, an event and a season that changed our lives forever. It was ... The Embargo.

Annual Meeting plans are becoming final and the list of activities and events promises to be a great opportunity.

Blue skies? For today's seismic industry, the pessimism of recent years has been replaced, thanks in part to new uses of familiar technologies.

New kids on the block: International players have discovered the joys -- and potential for success -- of doing seismic in the Gulf of Mexico.

4-D tomographyCould you repeat that? Certainly! With permanently placed cables, 4-D seismic becomes a tool to actively manage reservoirs.

Think seismic and you think exploration, right? Well, get ready for something new -- seismic in the realm of the reservoir.

Seismic technology continues to drive the deep gas play in the Gulf of Mexico.

Peek-a-boo! I see ... well, rock, shale, mud. Drilling a well while running seismic becomes more and more a reality.

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