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Researchers around the world continue to experiment with high-power lasers, getting closer everyday to making oil field laser applications a reality for the exploration industry. The cover shows a laser in action, part of the research going on at the Laser Applications Laboratory of the Argonne National Lab. The inset shot of a rig -- is it facing sunset, or the dawn of a new era?
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Exploration Co.

Election Petitions: Two members have entered the current election process by way of petition for separate offices of AAPG.

Elected Editor Candidates: James W. (Jim) Handschy and Ernest A. Mancini, candidates for elected editor of AAPG, present their bios and explain why they accepted the invitation to be candidates for AAPG office.

Show me the money -- please? A look at the current state of the industry (subject to change at any time, of course).

Same business, different ... everything else. A look at how two states, Louisiana and Colorado, have fared during the past year, offering a contrasting tale of two regions.

Are the years of research about to pay off? The future of laser drilling seems to be closer than ever to reality.

Small technology and instrumentation have revolutionized much of the world, so why not the oil industry? Get ready for microhole technology.

Working it out ... DOE workshop examines applications for microhole technology.

Geologist, entrepreneur, food and drink provider, movie star (well, sorta') -- AAPG member John Hickenlooper has made a name for himself in several ways, but his newest role tops them all: mayor of Denver.

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