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Is there more petroleum potential in Nevada than previously thought? Geologist Alan Chamberlain is among those who think so. His inset cover photo of Nevada, showing sandstone on breccia, is looking to the west from the Monte Mountain thrust sheet in the Pahranagat Range. The faint road in the upper left corner is the main service road into the secret Air Force Area 51 at Groom Lake. Commercial oil seeps on the flanks of thrust duplexes, sealed in by a blanket of Tertiary volcanic rocks, have produced approximately 50 million barrels of oil in Nevada. However, he believes conventional theories about the state have precluded exploration of thrust duplexes from where the oil remigrated, and that Nevada's thrust duplexes likely contain billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of gas.
LandSat Image of Railroad Valley, Nevada, courtesy of Chamberlain.

Honors/Awards 2003 Lawrence W. Funkhouser, a longtime leader of both industry and AAPG, heads the list of AAPG honors and awards winners.

Where's the boom?Boom or Bust? A host of statistics indicates the petroleum industry is experiencing the best times in the past 15 years. But if this is an oil and gas boom, why doesn't it FEEL like a boom?

Conventional wisdom challenged: A geologist makes the case for the unrecognized petroleum potential of Nevada.

AAPG's recent International Conference and Exhibition in Barcelona proves to be a spectacular success.

AAPG's first Distinguished Lecturer of ethics offers this word of advice: If you wait to teach a person ethics when they're in college, you've waited too long.

Can Yusak Setiawan's record be topped? AAPG's new membership drive contest gives all members a chance to help AAPG, their local societies and themselves by recruiting new members.

Treasurer Candidates: Kay L. Pitts and F. Pierce Pratt, candidates for treasurer of AAPG, present their bios and explain why they accepted the invitation to be candidates for AAPG office.

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