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For offshore seismic operations, water typically is something that only gets in the way of target areas -- but no more. Scientists now say that a new application of seismic technology is allowing a deeper understanding of the layers of the ocean; seismic data, in other words, can help us understand more about the element that covers most of our planet.
Photographs courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce, and WesternGeco (boat inset).

Everyone knows that the geophysical industry is going to make a comeback. The only question is: When?

You know all that water that makes offshore seismic operations so ... inconvenient? A new application is allowing scientists to use that same seismic to study the "layers" of that same water -- and the benefits could go far beyond the world of oil.

Oceanic seismic operations face multiple challenges in catching high quality data.

Advances in geochem technology have turned microseepage surveys into flexible, low risk and low cost complements in the hunt for oil and gas.

Vice President Candidates: Ben D. Hare and Neil F. Hurley, candidates for vice president of AAPG, present their bios and explain why they accepted the invitation to be candidates for AAPG office.

Going strong and getting better: APPEX once again proves itself as the place to be for prospect and property action.

Haz-Maps: When is a million-dollar view NOT an asset? (Hint: Geologic hazards can be dangerous.)

Get ready, get set ... It's time for the AAPG membership drive contest -- and this time, local societies and regions as well as individuals can be big winners.

Membership approves voting electronically.

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