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The EXPLORER takes its annual look at activity both onshore and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico -- and, true to form, there’s good news and challenging news to be found. Among the good news is the continuing success story of the offshore Gulf of Mexico; challenges include the continuing climatic threats to Louisiana wetlands, and what that means to the domestic energy arena.
Photos courtesy of Meridian Resource Corp. (Louisiana wetlands), BP (Ocean Confidence drilling platform/Thunder Horse) and Port Fourchon (right inset).

How important has the Gulf of Mexico been to the petroleum industry over the past five-plus decades?

There’s a battle being fought daily in the Louisiana marshlands -- and in this war, claiming the high ground is the name of the game.

Louisiana Highway 1 provides access to Port Fourchon, but for how much longer will this two-lane road service this vital link to deepwater oil and gas?

Black gold isn't the only treasure to be found in the Gulf of Mexico? Would you believe a copper-hulled merchant? an industrialist's steam yacht? How about a German U-boat?!

Candidates: Alfredo E. Guzmán and Peter R. Rose, candidates for president-elect of AAPG, present their bios and explain why they accepted the invitation to be candidates for AAPG office.

Don’t laugh, but after years of being the "coming thing," gas-to-liquids production appears ready to arrive. Really.

What happens when you team up an earth science teacher and a geologist on field trip to amazing formations? It's a learning experience you're not soon to forget!

What a difference a year makes: AAPG’s Distinguished Lecture program has survived a year of global turmoil and is now rarin’ to go again.

AAPG’s Visiting Geologist Program is ready for its 28th season, and it’s on a mission.

The time has arrived:

AAPG’s third annual Prospect and Property Expo -- APPEX to all of us -- takes a bow this month in Houston.


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