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For the profession of geology, they are the future -- which is why more and more AAPG members volunteer their time and efforts by talking to children and students about geology and its place in their lives. How are they doing this? Read our report, compiled by members of the Youth Education Activities Committee. The cover shot features two scenes of investment in tomorrow: The main photo, provided by former AAPG president Dick Bishop, shows his mother, Margaret S. Bishop and author of the book Subsurface Mapping, talking in 1954 to him and his brother, Butch (holding the rock), about geology at the Petrified Forest. The inset photo shows Montana geologists David Lopez (left) and Betsy Campen explaining regional geologic hazards to Hunter Kovash and Skyler and Tanner Scheetz.
Photo by Marty Lopez.

There's a changing of the guard in the United Kingdom, as small and mid-sized independents seek to prove that the North Sea is no longer the sole domain of the majors.

Speaking of international exploration, what in the world is going on? A list of upcoming licensing events provides some clues.

Moon Exploration: Buying mineral rights to the moon? First, you need a geologist who has been there!

International Bulletin Board: APPEX London set for March 2-4, 2004

Barcelona: With a city like this and a technical program of this calibre, the AAPG International Conference and Exhibition promises to be one of the best.

AAPG election guidelines and officer candidates for 2004-05 are announced.

What's in a name? Welcome to the sometime-wistful, sometime-wacky world of geologic nomenclature.

Tomorrow starts today: AAPG members are reaching out in creative ways to make geology an important and lively part of non-geologists' lives.

It's time to get serious about attending the third annual AAPG Prospect and Property Expo -- known everywhere as APPEX -- because this year's event not only will be bigger, it will offer entirely new twists.

Student Expo Oct. 5-6 at Rice University, Houston

A Look Back ... a new column to be featured in the EXPLORER

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Now What Problem Are We Solving?
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Barcelona Stands Tall on Fall Slate

Geophysical Corner:
Extra Azimuths Will Cost You
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APPEX London: The Vision Refined
President's Column:
It's Your Bus -- Do You Have a Seat?
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It Loves Acid Gas
Coal Has CO2 Capture Opportunities
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